Friday, November 17, 2023

Birthday Week Favorites

It's been such a fun birthday week!  I turned 42 yesterday and managed to squeeze in all my favorite things.  The weather was wonderful, we did lots of fun things and I took advantage of picking up birthday treats all week.  I'm thankful to be 42 and excited to see what this year has in store for me.

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Now onto the highlights of my week:

1. Birthday Fun

My parents hosted a birthday dinner for me this week and it was delicious!  My favorite foods with my favorite people.  The kids woke up early on my birthday to help me open presents.  And then Kevin grabbed take out for dinner on my birthday.  We had milkshakes in our pjs for dessert.  Simple and sweet!

2. Birthday Rewards
We just got a Nothing Bundt Cakes and I was so excited to go pick up my birthday bundt.  I grabbed an extra and Leo and I shared them.  I loved the lemon and the chocolate chocolate chip.  I used my birthday reward at DSW and a few other spots.  I love that most places are giving you a whole week or two to redeem your birthday rewards.

3. Gifts and Girls
I got some really thoughtful gifts from my favorite girls this week.  I headed out of town for a dinner with my Terre Haute friends one night.  They drive an hour south and I drive an hour north to meet in the middle for dinner.  It's always the best time.  Care packages, thoughtful gifts and cards from friends made my whole week feel so special.

4. Button Art Toy
Leo has been obsessed with this button art game.  All three of my kids have loved playing it and it has held up so well.  They pick a background and then pop the buttons in.  It's great for toddlers and older.  He's so proud of the puzzles he puts together and the colors that he matches.  I love the fun fine motor practice.  It would be make the perfect holiday gift for any toddlers and preschool age kids!
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5. Bible Study
My mom's group Bible study fell on my birthday this year and I couldn't think of a more fun way to spend my morning.  We had a great speaker.  Leo loves playing with his buddies in his class, too.

6. Hello Judy Joy
I got to meet my sister's new kitten this week.  Isn't Judy Joy so pretty?!?

7. DIY
I decided it was time to hang some pictures and I just went for it.  I organized Kevin's tool box and hung several things around the house.  This vintage floral frame is one of my favorites.  I bought it years ago.  Maybe when I was a teenager and still love it so much.  It's hanging in my bathroom now.

8. Jordan Bakery Box
It was a busy baking week for me!  I had this really fun order for 60 cookie favor bags for an event.  There was a butterscotch oatmeal cookie on the bottom and a pumpkin chocolate chip on top.  The ribbons matched the event and I was so proud of them!

9. Sunsets
Leo loves a good sunset and keeps a close eye on them every evening.  This one was the prettiest sunset of the week!

10. Friends
We met up with some friends at our favorite local play spot - Polka Dots Play Cafe.  He loves the dress up options.  Chef Leo here.  Followed by Pirate Leo and Monster Truck driver Leo.

11. Wish List
We had to help Kevin pick out some appliances for work and these boys are dreaming big wishing for a golf cart of their own this year.  Not happening, but they looked cute test driving it.

Cutest brothers.  Supposed to be sleeping, but chatting in their recliner instead.

12. Story time
Leo loves the bubbles and insisted on writing his own name tag this week.  He writes the O and I add the Le to Leo.  It's my favorite!

13. Veteran's Day Program
Olive and Fletcher's school hosted a really nice Veteran's Day program.  They both got to participate with their classes and Leo and I went to watch.  He did great sitting in the stands for an hour and it was really nice to see our veteran's being honored and celebrated.

14. Kitty Transporter
Leo loves to carry around the cats.  I'm thankful that he does it carefully and asks me to take his picture.  Cute cat loving guy.

Never a dull moment with Leo.

15. Girl's Day
Olive and I got to do some shopping and lunching together this week.  I got some birthday money and she's always happy to shop with me.  We found some shoes, she decided she only likes wearing Crocs, went to Five Below, went to Culvers for lunch and zoomed home to the boys.

What a fun week!  And we've got some fun plans in the works for this weekend.  See you back here on Monday.  I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week!

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  1. What a great (birthday) week!!! So glad you got to celebrate with those that love you!!

  2. I am so glad you had such a fun filled HAPPY Birthday week friend!!! You are truly a DELIGHT! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Happy Birthday from Texas!! Always enjoy reading your blogs. Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. Happy birthday, Whitney!!! Sounds like a wonderful week!! <3

  5. It looks like a wonderful birthday WEEK! Enjoy the weekend!

  6. Happy birthday! That looks like such a wonderful week.


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