Friday, May 29, 2020

She's 7: Birthday Favorites!

Happy 7th Birthday Olive!!

It seems like just yesterday we were living in Salt Lake City, I was teaching and we couldn't wait to welcome you into the world.  You were the easiest, sweetest baby.  You've always been the best traveler, eater, helper and you have always known exactly what you want.  You're smart, funny, sassy and dresses are still your favorite.

You are our favorite girl.  We love you tons!  You always SHINE BRIGHT.

7 Favorites About Our Birthday Girl:

1. You love to help.  You look for new jobs to do, new things to try and are eager to take on new responsibilities.  You keep your brothers safe and are the best responsible girl. 

2. You love to learn.  You've really missed going to school these last few months.  You are reading a ton independently and you have even taken over doing story time.  You love to read.  You're always learning new things.  This year you've been working on learning how to dribble, play basketball, climb trees, make your own bed, set the table, etc.

3. Your current favorites - pink, dresses, Crocs, art, crunchy veggies, salty crackers, playing outside, climbing trees, Bun-Bun the bunny, playgrounds, unicorns, movie night, riding your bike, gardening, LOL dolls, Barbies and craft kits.

4. You are always up for an adventure.  You love to travel, visit new places and you say that you'd love to live at the ocean.  We love traveling with you!

5. I love hanging out with you.  You're getting so good at basketball.  It is so fun shooting hoops with you.  You're so brave, silly and I can't believe how fast you're growing up.  Love you!  -Daddy

6. You're so sweet and gentle with me.  You love to hold me, snuggle me and are always helping put in my paci.  You are a great big sis. -Leo

7. I love to climb with you!  I really like sleeping with you in our big kid room. - Fletcher

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These are Olive's favorite things:

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