Wednesday, May 13, 2020

5 Ideas to Have Fun @ Home

It's time for my monthly post to share ideas of ways you can have fun at home. 

I'll be honest, we have all kind of hit a wall with being home so much.  Kevin's work has been really busy, we obviously have a newborn, the weather is getting nicer and we are missing our people.  The kids are getting a little restless after two months of being home.  I'm thrilled that Indiana is opening things up more and the hopes of life resuming in the near future are exciting.

We are doing our best to be upbeat and positive.  We are trying to plan new things to do and adventures to go on.  Hopefully some of these things are things you could do with your own family.

1. End of the School Year Celebrations
Do your best to join in and participate in all of the end of the school year Zoom meetings, school parades, drop offs and goodbyes.  It'll give your kids some much needed closure to wrap up a very strange end to the school year.  We've done a virtual teacher appreciation week, Zoom meetings, made posters for our end of the school year parade and are attending a going away drive through party for Olive on Friday.  She's super excited.

2. Curbside Library & Personal Librarian Services
We are big fans of the public library and are really missing going to story time each week.  Olive told me the other day, "I am really nervous that I am going to run out of books to read at home!"  Sweet girl!  That statement motivated me to jump on our library website, sign up for a Personal Librarian to pull books for us and schedule a curbside pick up. 

Does your library offer a similar service?  You just fill out a form with details about your child or yourself, request certain types of materials and then they'll call you when your order is fulfilled.  It's AMAZING!  We picked up FOUR giant bags of books for the kids.  The kids acted like it was Christmas.  It was so sweet to see which books our librarians chose for the kids.  We had a few familiar favorite books and lots of new titles.  We can keep the books for one month if we want to.  They even surprised us with a superhero mask craft kit for each kid.  I LOVE this service and will definitely be doing it again - maybe even for me!

3. Go on outdoor adventures
We have taken the kids to walk around the college campus where Kevin works.  We've also gone on short little hikes and gone on walks as a family.  The weather has been lovely/chilly so we are bundling up to be outside.  We made a wish list of parks and outdoor spaces that we can check out as a family in the coming weeks.  We are also getting into a good routine of biking together again.  One parent stays home with the baby and the other parent takes the big kids on a bike ride.

4. Try new foods
Our stores are pretty well stocked these days, but we are still having to substitute items since we are trying to limit our trips to the store.  Grocery shopping has given us lots of opportunities to try new things during this seasons of extra time at home.  Instead of being annoyed by having to swap out things on our grocery list, we are trying fun new things like Drumstick ice cream treats, Reese's popsicles and new cereals.  The kids are finding new foods to enjoy and that's always nice.  We've decided that anything that the logo Reese's on it = delicious!

5. Put things on the calendar for summer
I know.  There are a lot of question marks surrounding Summer plans.  But I know that I love to have things on the calendar to look forward to.  We are starting to make plans for Olive's birthday, dreaming about a trip to the ocean and looking to have a few road trips on the calendar.  We're hopeful and excited for some Summer travel.

What fun things are you doing at home right now?


  1. Your library sounds amazing! Ours will start curbside pick up of holds in 2 weeks...can't wait. These are all great tips. Our fun at home lately has been walks and baking.

  2. We have been doing Library curbside pick up as well. So glad the library has “re-opened”! Otherwise our days sound a lot like yours. Bike rides and swimming, lots of baking, and looking forward to take out Tuesday :D

  3. Fun ideas!! We have been trying new foods!

  4. Outdoor adventures have been our saving grace to sanity during quarantine!! I saw those Reese ice creams and wanted to get them, but I was at a store about 25 minutes from home. And in a topless Jeep. I knew they would be a sloppy mess when I got home. I want to try them, though!


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