Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Olive's Family Birthday

We decided that this past weekend would be a good time to visit our extended families.  We hadn't seen the majority of them since Fletcher's birthday party back in early March.  We washed hands more and everyone was more aware of germs than usual.

Many things are opening back up with caution in Indiana and people are getting out and about more.  We are all being careful with being out in public and are really only hanging out with family.  We did not plan a friend party for Olive because it felt a little too soon to do so.  We were eager to celebrate Olive turning 7 with family as well as introduce the family to Leo.

I shared all the party planning details of Olive's birthday yesterday.  Today's post will be a family heavy post.  I'm sure it's not that exciting to most of you, but it's special to us.  There's nothing better than sharing your kid's milestones with the people you love most.

We did a dinner party with Kevin's family on Saturday night.  His mom grilled delicious burgers for us and helped me host as always.  I didn't manage to get pictures of everyone.  Turns out it's hard to host a party, care for three little people and snap all the pictures.

We were really proud of Fletcher.  He was so happy for Olive.  He was happy to hand her gifts, was excited to see her get things she loves and was a great brother for her whole birthday weekend.  Sometimes it's hard when the other kids are getting extra attention and he just was happy to be along for the ride.

Jordan cousins!

Leo loved meeting all of his Great Grandparents.  He's got 4 of them!!

His 2nd set of Great Grandparents.  He was sweet and snuggly with everyone.  They all ohhh and ahhhhed over him.

On Sunday we had a lunch party with my family.  My mom helped me with all the hot food and helped me host as always.  These cute cousins were so excited to see each other!  Here's their first picture as a group of TEN!!  They really have the best time playing together.  For a few months out of the year, this bottom row of girls are the same age.  Right now they're all 7!!

My favorite party hostess helper :).  Look at her cute Happy Birthday sign.  My parents worked together to make this block alphabet set.  She changes the message seasonally or for special occasions. 

Lots of hand washing, baby admiring and snuggling going on here.  Leo is lucky to be the cute caboose of the family.

Look at all these smiles meeting Leo!

This was the first year that Olive could fluently read her cards and the messages (with a little help on the cursive!)  It was so cute to see her doing this part by herself.  When did she get so big!?!

So many girls.  So much excitement over tiny toys!  Especially the rare ones :)

We had the best birthday weekend!  I loved her sweet LOL dress and all the LOL doll decorations.  She said the party came together just like she imagined.


  1. What a wonderful celebration weekend! We saw my family this weekend, and it was wonderful to reconnect! How precious it is to see everyone when we usually take it for granted. :)

  2. Leo's expressions are the best! (And I LOVE that shelf your mom puts the letter blocks on!)

  3. We need to plan Mason’s birthday party with the family. I’m so glad you guys were able to do this for sweet Olive. Family is just the best. I love that letter sign! So unique and adorable.

  4. It's so great y'all were able to get together to celebrate!


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