Wednesday, May 6, 2020

6 Safe Dinner Delivery Options

I knew having a baby in the middle of a pandemic would make it tricky for friends and family to make meals for us.  I had zero expectations of meals and was totally blown away by the creative options family and friends came up with to get us safe meals during this time.  I figured many of you might have pregnant friends, friends who are having surgery or friends and family who aren't leaving their homes and could use some dinner inspiration.

1. Door Dash & Grub Hub
Sign up for an account, look for local delivery options, plug in your friend's address and text them for their order.  We've had mostly good luck with this service.  The food is delivered pretty quickly, our orders have been accurate and people have either placed the orders for us or sent us gift cards so we can place our own orders.  We've gotten meals delivered from Chick-Fil-A, Qdoba, Five Guys and Pizza options.  All the food has tasted fresh.  You can also set up a meal train for someone and request these type of gift cards/meal deliveries.

2. Make a homemade dinner and drop it off at their door.
If you know the person well, and they are comfortable with homemade food right now, make them diner and drop it off to their porch.  You don't have to have any contact.  They can wave hello through your window and you can enjoy some home cooking without having to do all the work.  We had BBQ pulled pork dropped off as well as an amazing taco night.  Both were so good and it was so sweet to say hello to friends from a distance.  Both friends were so kind to shop and cook for us during these times.  Everything was delivered in disposable containers which meant we had nothing to return.

This taco night dinner was so fun with two meats, all the toppings, brownies, wine, a handwritten note and a baby gift.  What a treat!!

3. Order take out from a local restaurant or chain restaurant
We have several local restaurants, catering services and shops that are offering curbside meal pick ups.  A few friends texted me the menus of restaurants and said "Text me your order and tell me which day you want me to drop off dinner!"  It was so nice!

We really enjoyed a meal from Texas Roadhouse and a local restaurant called The Butler's Pantry.  The friends added on some yummy desserts and breads to the order for us to enjoy.  They had a contact free drop off to our porch and we got to say hello from a distance.

Our meal from Texas Roadhouse was wonderful!  Everything was fresh, delicious and it tasted just like it does in the restaurant.  I'd highly recommend their carry out meals.  This is one of our favorite restaurants so it's no surprise that this Beef Tip meal & sides was a crowd favorite.

4. Place an order for them to pick up
We have a local grocery store that serves comfort food type hot meals.  A friend texted to ask our order and let us pick the day that would be best for us to pick it up.  We got some delicious chicken tenders and sides.

5. Order Pizza and have it delivered to them.
Call or text a friend for their pizza order.  Add in bread sticks or a fun side for them!  We got several pizzas from several different places.  It was fun to try new things and enjoy some of our favorite spots.

6. Freezer meals
Both my mom and Kevin's mom made freezer meals for us right when Leo was born.  They stocked us up on premade dinners - pasta dishes, soups, chicken and rice, meats, pizza, etc.  All the shopping and prep work was done for us.  That made dinner prep very easy.

Who do you know that would benefit from getting a meal delivered right now? 

Bless them with a meal!

A local Italian restaurant is doing take out meals - huge pans of pasta and salads - made for another yummy dinner.

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  1. Your family is adorable. I enjoy reading your blog! You are blessed!


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