Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Love Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Or Love Day as Daniel Tiger says :)

I hope you have some fun plans to celebrate with family and friends that you love today.

Today seems to be a bit polarizing.  Some people love Valentine's Day and others seem to ignore it.  I've always loved celebrating holidays so I am fully on board with letting the people I love know it today (and always!).  We have Bible study this morning and then I'm headed to Olive's school for her Valentine's Day party.  We're getting a heart shaped pizza for dinner and having a Valentine dessert board for dessert tonight.  It should be tons of fun!

I thought I'd share things we are LOVING LATELY

We are LOVING:
1. The TV shows Manifest, The Titan Games, Home Town and Grey's Anatomy.
2. Grocery shopping at Aldi
3. Charcuterie Board dinners
4. Dreaming of heading to Florida this summer
5. Salt & Vinegar chips
6. Hello Fresh meal delivery service
7. Everyone sleeping in their own beds again
8. Bath time and showers at night
9. Trying lots of new recipes
10. Board games!!
11. 2 hour delays for school.
12. Burgers

I'm LOVING these things about my family:

-makes me feel like the prettiest girl in the world.
-that he knows I love to host a good party so he asked me to help plan food for a work event.
-surprised me with a new computer after years of wanting a new one!
-reads to Olive every night when he puts her to bed
-he loves my cooking

-loves doing art
-is eager to help
-she loves kindergarten more than I could have even imagined
-can't wait to learn new things - reading, games, tennis, etc
-loves flowers, polka-dots, dresses and tiny toys

-gives great compliments
-loves to be snuggled
-has very similar taste in food as me so we love all the same things
-loves to do big boy things
-he's all boy and loves all types of transportation

What are you loving lately??


  1. thing I love is YOU AND YOUR BLOG! It is pure happiness and I LOVE checking in on it every day! Have the best LOVE day friend!


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