Friday, February 22, 2019

February Snapshots

It's crazy that we're already at the last Friday in February!  January went by so slowly and now February is nearly done!?!  Bring on March - St Patrick's Day, Spring Break and Fletcher turns 3.  I am already having so much fun working on planning his party.

This month hasn't all been sunshine - lots of colds, icky weather, potty training highs and lows, cancelling fun plans and earlier in the week a blood vessel burst in my eye.  It looks gross and Olive is convince I'm turning into a villain.  I think we've been watching Incredibles a little too much.  Hoping it just goes away soon.  Now on to the highlights...

The best parts of February were:

1. Real food
I'm no good at dieting.  You won't find me counting calories, measuring foods or joining a program because it's just not for me.  (Cheers to you if that's your thing - it's just not mine).  However, I am focusing on buying real food, preparing real food and fueling my body with good stuff.  Here are some of the healthy foods I've eaten lately.  I even gave making my own dressing a try.  It was a lemon vinaigrette that I loved.  Stay tuned for the recipe.

2. Character Award Winner
Olive hopped off the bus one Friday and she was BEAMING.  Happier than I'd ever seen her.  She shouted - I AM THE CHARACTER AWARD WINNER FOR FEBRUARY!!  She said she'd been nominated by her teacher and her name was read on the announcements for the WHOLE school.  She was so proud.  I was so proud.  I loved reading the write up her teacher did on her and I was so happy for her.  She's been featured all month long and it's been so sweet.  She got to go to a special reception, have her picture hanging in the hall and it's been really fun to see her stand out in a positive way in a big school.  We are so proud of her!

"Olive is very sweet and sincere in every way possible.  She is a dependable student who displays honesty in my classroom.  Olive maintains proper behavior and demonstrates integrity at all times.  Her peers are encouraged to model the same principles as Olive, she is a wonderful role model for her classmates.  Congratulations, Olive, I am very proud of you!" from her teacher :)

3. Online feature
I was thrilled to see my picture and write up show up in a local online magazine.  They were doing a special feature on women who love football and I was happy to contribute.  I love writing for my blog, but writing for other people is new to me.

4.  Long weekends and 2 hour delays
This month has been full of long weekends and slow starts to our morning.  While I'm sure this variable schedule isn't everyone's favorite, it has been a highlight for us.  There's nothing better than starting school at 10:00 instead of 8:00 and having a relaxing morning.  Or having Olive home to do some of our favorite things around town.  I really enjoy hanging out with these little people.

Both kids are sporting new Nikes.  They are the first tennis shoes that both kids approve of other than Crocs.  The kids can put the shoes on themselves.  They are super light weight and they velcro while still looking like big kid shoes.  We love them!

5. Fresh Air
February has been cold and dreary and snowy and freezing in Indiana.  We've barely gotten out for any walks let alone to play outside.  This sunny walk was a welcome change.  I'm hoping the days are going to soon be warm enough that long walks can be a part of our regular routine again.  That's my favorite way to exercise.  

6. Playroom
I've been working on putting the finishing touches on our playroom.  I am so thankful to have this space.  It's actually one of the rooms that made me realize this house was just perfect for us.  It has big windows, a window seat, tons of built in shelves and it's right off our family room.  We've added curtains, organized the space and are hanging art.  Isn't this a cute Hobby Lobby find??

I'm still hoping to figure out blinds, a rug and down the road paint the built ins.  Maybe I'll snap some pictures soon for a little playroom tour.

7. Board Meals
We are still LOVING eating meals on a board.  I'll make charcuterie boards for dinner and then we had this fun breakfast board for breakfast one Saturday morning.  I love that they're so easy to put together and that it's a great way to finish up the last bits of lots of things.  You can go here to read more about this board and ideas for future boards.

 8. Reading
Have you read Make Something Good Today by Erin and Ben Napier??  I love their show and their book was very good.  I'd highly recommend it.  You can read my full review here along with several other great books I've read recently.  

9. Dry Erase Paddle Boards
I picked up these dry erase paddle boards at The Dollar Tree this week.  My hope was that they'd be a fun way for my kindergartner to practice her sight words and eventually her spelling words. She loved them!  They're great quality and erase really easily.  I'd highly recommend them.

10. Fun with Friends
We have had a lot of fun with friends this month!  

Hope you all have a happy, healthy weekend!!

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  1. Congrats on your football feature! That's so fun! I'm glad you've been able to enjoy the weather delays even though it's been a dreary month. Loved reading that sweet paragraph about Olive - yay for her! I can't wait to see your finished play room AND to hear all about Fletcher's party! :)

  2. Congratulations to sweet Olive!! That is just so cool! And to you as well!! You both deserve that recognition:-) Fletcher is is turning 3! I can’t wait to hear about his party. Happy Friday :-)

  3. You always have the prettiest salads! I love that playroom sign.

  4. What an awesome award for Olive?! And I am sure it felt like one to you as well!

  5. Looks like a good month. We cant wait for a good outside walk too! It's amazing how much fresh air can help your mood!!!

  6. Good for you eating REAL food. That's the best thing to do anyway. I absolutely love the board meal ideas. I wish I'd done that when my kids were little. I do occasionally do something similar for my husband and myself. Happy weekend! XO

  7. I didn't even realize it was the last Friday in February. Where did this month go. You have had a lot of fun excitement this month. Congrats on your local sports feature and congrats to Olive for her award. I cant wait for warmer weather also to get outside.

  8. Congratulations to Olive for her awesome award and you on your article!! That's so exciting for the both of you!! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  9. I need those paddle boards. Such a great idea to practice sight words that way! My kids love writing anything on a dry erase board.

  10. If you came over and made salads for me, I'd eat them every day! Somehow, salads look better to me when someone else makes them. ha, ha. Congrats to Olive and yea for late starts and snow days. I was inspired by your boards and made an after school snack board for my teens a few days this week. So fun. Have a wonderful weekend!


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