Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Take Me to the County Fair

It feels awesome to be living in the same place long enough to be establishing yearly traditions.  This year was our third summer to go to the county fair in our area.  Olive has loved it every year and we each look forward to different things - animals, rides, food, etc.

Do you go to your county or state fairs every year?

We do!  We try to look at the weather for the week and pick the coolest day to go.  It doesn't always work out since the fair is in July, but Monday was lovely.  It was warm, but windy so it was doable.  We go in the late afternoon to beat the crowds and enjoy mostly free events throughout the fairgrounds.  We pay for parking, pick out a treat or two to share and then let Olive ride a few rides.  This year we went during 'one ticket ride night' so that saved us a lot of money.  Normally the rides are 3-4 tickets each :)

The best parts of the county fair for us were:

The Bunny Barn
Our first stop every time.

Fletcher shrieked with delight throughout the whole barn!

The pigs got mixed reviews.  Fletcher was terrified of them, but everyone else enjoyed them.  We kept quoting Charlotte's Web and calling them all Wilbur.

Piggies checking out the piggies.

Goats were a hit.  They kept jumping on each other and trying to munch on our stroller.

 This mini horse had some fabulous bangs!  Olive also got to pet a full size horse that was out for a stroll.

We got a funnel cake to share!  They're my favorite and Fletcher agreed that it was delicious.
What's your favorite fair food?

Once again Olive begged to ride the rides.  Remember last year, when she begged to ride and then hated it??  She was convinced this year would be different and she was right!  She LOVED them!

We took a ride break to watch a man get shot out of a canon.  It was crazy!

I assumed Kevin would ride most of the rides with Olive, but she was fine to go off on her own.

Her first roller coaster.
She kept yelling, "Come on Calla-pitter!!"

We had a blast and Olive is sure we need to go back for a 2nd visit!
I think we'll just wait to go again next year.


  1. So much fun! We haven't been to the fair in years!

  2. What a difference a year makes.. I remember last yr the expression on Olive's face when she was on a ride..Complete change ..Adorable as usual..Great family fun...Lucky kids!!

  3. Aw looks like a lot of fun! I think going to the fair every year is such a great tradition to have!

  4. So fun! I have never taken my kids to the fair, Aaaaccckkk! It is always one of those things I wish we did, but we never did. So happy you are making those memories friend.

  5. ok so where does that man land from the cannon shooting?! We have a local firemen's carnival (end of the this month) every year- it's pretty small with just a few food, ride and game options. No livestock or people getting shot out of cannons! L did one ride with me last year and wasn't loving it. She's a bit of a scaredy cat (ok, a lot of a scaredy cat) so we'll see what happens this year! hah

  6. So much fun!! I want to go to your county fair!!! My girls would totally love it.

  7. Looks like a blast! Those bunnies are adorable!

  8. Oh my gosh!! Fair time is one of the best parts of Summer here in Ohio!

  9. What a super fun time!!! I haven't been to a fair in quite awhile and all of your pictures are making me want to load up the kids and go ride some rides and get some corn dogs! It's just such a fun summer activity!!

  10. Olive is such a brave little gal! And NOTHING beats funnel cake!


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