Monday, July 10, 2017

Happy 36th!

My sweet husband turned 36 yesterday!  I feel like we were just celebrating his 21st so I'm not sure how we're already at his 36th birthday.  Time flies!  We had a great weekend celebrating him with our families.  He got all of his favorite things - some fun gifts, time with family and fireworks!  Olive insisted that her Daddy would love a minion themed party so that's just what we planned for him.

3 + 6 = 9 Fun Facts About Kevin

1. He LOVES watching WWE Professional Wrestling.

2. He went through 1st grade twice and graduated Valedictorian of our class of 2000.  Both of his parents were also valedictorians in their classes.

3. He attributes his love for Notre Dame as starting in 5th grade when his teacher's son went to college there.  That and the theme music for Rudy playing in the guidance office when he did his campus tour in the Fall.

4. Kevin loves nice shoes and watches.

5. He's developed a love for IPAs in the last few years.

6. He listens to loud music in his car.

7. Kev loves coupons and deal hunting.

8. He is super thoughtful, sentimental and notices everything.  He remembers outfits I wore when we
were dating, songs that were playing at dances we went to and notices little things like me wearing new eye shadow or shade of lipstick.

9. Kevin has become quite the handy man over the past few years.  He has fixed everything from our broken dryer, to wiring things in our new house, refinishing our hardwood floors, painting, replaced faucets and a dishwasher and built the kids their giant backyard play set.

I'm so proud of him and all of his hard work for our family!!


  1. Love the 3+6=9 idea. I NEVER would have imagined him a WWE fan. I grew up in a home that LOVED the WWE. I haven't watched in for years though. I hope he had an amazing birthday friend.

  2. Lol I must admit that I'm a bit of a WWE fan, too ;) Does he have a favorite wrestler?

  3. What a sweet birthday post! Happy birthday to your sweet hubby :-)

  4. You've got yourself a pretty incredible husband Whitney! Happy Birthday to him!!! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Kevin!! I would never ever think he was into WWE.

  6. So sweet! I love the facts you shared about him! Happy Birthday!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts


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