Monday, July 17, 2017

Summer Faves - Pencils & Popsicles

We have been really enjoying summer - the food, the grilling, the time with friends, the relaxed schedule and projects around the house.

I ran in Target the other day and the Dollar Spot was STOCKED for back to school.  There were so many good things for cheap!  I'm excited to show you what I found.

ABC letter cards and matching poster - I loved that it had the capital and lower case letters along with some darling illustrations. I'm excited to hang these in our playroom and do them with Olive.

Pencil garland & Love to Learn sign - They'd be adorable hanging in a classroom or hanging in your house for back to school decor.  I'm going to put them on my mantel, but would definitely be doing a Love to Learn pencil theme in my classroom if I was teaching this year.

2 dry erase boards - perfect for practicing letters and writing words

Finger crayons - perfect for kids to color with

Backpack charm - Olive was really excited to find this unicorn for her backpack

Card games - so many fun matching, search and find options for $1

Workbooks - tons of cute letter, math, phonics, writing, etc. workbooks to do at home or for tutoring for just one dollar.  I'm excited to do these at home with Olive.

Have you found anything great in the Target Dollar Spot lately???

I'm guest blogging over at Keri Lynn Snyder today!!!

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Hope your week is off to a great start!!


  1. I ran to Target while at my inlaws the other night and found a few great back to school things in the Dollar Spot. I want to go to my Target though because it's bigger and usually has more than theirs. Such cute stuff.

  2. There were SO many amazing things. If we weren't getting really close to time to move, I would have bought some stuff to decorate our schoolroom with!

  3. Ahh, love it! Target really nails the dollar bins this time of year. You scored!

  4. I love the dollar spot! I found some really cute stuff last summer for my nephews and niece when we went to the beach like cute drawstring bags, books, cards, washrags, water bottles, fun stuff for the ride there and to play with!

  5. They had some great stuff at your Target dollar spot!

  6. So many cute Target spot stuff. I love all the teacher and unicorn stuff they had there.

  7. You have such a good haul this month! I love workbooks for Connor! I hope Olive loves them, too.

  8. I wanted to buy EVERYTHING school this month (and there was a lot of stuff, right?) Great finds!

  9. The dollar spot gets me every time and when I taught, I loved decorating my classroom! Xoxo erin


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