Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekending at Home

We had a really low key weekend at home.  Olive wasn't feeling 100% so we stayed home the majority of the weekend and just enjoyed being together.  It wasn't the most exciting weekend we've ever had, but we still had plenty of sweet moments together.  The moments I want to remember...

This sweet girl learned how to say her full name this weekend.  She proudly introduces herself and giggles every time she says her name.  She also just realized there were letters hanging above her bed - OJK :)

 We BAKED several times.
Chocolate Chip Cookies

My friend Whitney @ Come Home for Comfort has been talking about peaches a lot lately.  I had peaches on my mind this weekend so we made a my Mom's peach cobbler.
Olive picked out a shade of pink and we did matching pedicures.

 The cats NAPPED and Olive tried to snuggle them.

 We did lots of GRILLING.  I marinated the meat and Kevin grills.  It's easy to cook dinner when you're a team.  I made the sides and he took care of the main dish.

 We had our first family MOVIE NIGHT.  We had popcorn and snuggled.  Olive quickly realized that the best part of our family night is the POPCORN.  Shovel it in :)  We put her to bed, finished the movie and caught the end of the VMAs.  I barely knew anyone that was featured and just ended up feeling OLD since I really didn't understand any of the performances.  Anyone else watch?

 How was your weekend??
Hope you have a wonderful week.


  1. You guys are too cute in that last photo from family movie night! What fun! And how sweet that Olive says her full name. She must be so proud:)

  2. Yay for peaches! Your cobbler looks delicious! I love Olive's full name and I can just imagine her little triumphant giggles. Sounds like you had a nice weekend at home - those are my favorites! :)

  3. I imagine her shouting the letter K in the second photo, haha.

  4. Haha, I bet Olivia has no idea what her monogram is either. Your baking always looks so good, but that plate with chicken and potatoes looks even better, haha. Glad you enjoyed the weekend!


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