Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August Recipe Club

It's nice not to be living out of boxes and be settled in our new house so I can cook regularly.  I have been making a lot of meals for my family and enjoying lots of grilling options.  I have several new recipes I'd like to try for Fall - new soups, appetizers and lots of pumpkin recipes.

Our favorite August recipes:
// 1 //
I marinate the chicken with BBQ sauce, Italian Salad dressing or seasoning and my husband grills it.  We end up with enough meat for several meals and only have to grill once.
cucumbers, eggs, noodles, sweet peppers, carrots, snap peas, broccoli, 
cauliflower, cheese, bacon bits and mixed greens.
 We usually do a lite honey mustard dressing or vinaigrette.

Grilled chicken, lettuce, sliced swiss cheese and honey mustard
on a whole wheat tortilla was a delicious lunch

We ate pasta, grilled chicken and marinara sauce for lunch one day
and it was delicious!  I made the pasta in advance, the chicken was already cooked so it was a super easy lunch to whip up.

 // 2 //
shredded chicken, sharp cheddar cheese with all the fixings
I do the chicken in the crockpot, shred and season it with taco seasoning.
We have a TON of meals from one batch of crock pot chicken.
We also had taco bowls with chicken.

// 3 //
green beans, new potatoes & onions
and cornbread
was an easy comfort food dinner

I wrote about our favorite toddler meals yesterday
and I'd love to know what you fix for your kids :)

We also made some yummy cupcakes this week

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  1. That huge salad makes my heart skip a beat! Now I am craving a blizzard...

  2. I love adding black bean and corn salsa to my quesadillas. It gives them a little more substance and lot of flavor.

  3. Yay for getting settled! We've been eating a ton of comfort food and lots of Mexican dishes. I love making quesadillas for lunch - it's quick and filling.

  4. OH my goodness I am so hungry right now. I love mass grilling chicken. It is just so much easier and gives me great lunch options for the rest of the week. I am kind of dreading grilling season starting to dwindle down a bit. Maybe I will still grill in the snow.... yeah right.

  5. YUM! This recipe looks great! I just love this link up. - Seri from

  6. Yum! I always love your recipes, but that homemade Butterfinger blizzard has me wanting to run to the store now!


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