Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Little Things

When I started blogging back in 2011, I was better at documenting the little things that often added up to a great week.  Life got busy.  Content got a little more planned out.  And those little things posts rarely happened.  Well, today I'm bringing it back.  These are the little things that have happened this month that have brought a lot of JOY to our family.

Our landscape is in FULL BLOOM.  Everything looks so nice.  Almost everyone that has stopped by those house lately has complimented it.  Yay for 3 years of hard work!!  This was one tiny lantana plant and now it's huge.  It's been fun to learn about our yard, our growing zone, our favorite plants and learn how to garden together.

Climbing Trees.
My kids are obsessed with climbing all the trees in our yard.

Bike training.
One of Olive's Summer goals was to learn to ride her bike without training wheels.  She's doing great and is almost road ready.  Next up - swinging by herself and learning to tie shoes.

Exploring new parks.

Adventures with Mom.

Little learner.
Olive was up way past bedtime studying her sight words.  She'd gone through her whole stack of flashcards and divided them up into two piles - I know them and I need help with them.  I was so proud of her!  She really does love to learn and I love that she was so positive with her category names.

Family bike rides.

After school snuggles.

Sandy the penny horse at Meijer.

Lunches packed with all your favorite foods.

My favorite exercise buddy.  Badge on ready to patrol the neighborhood.

Our fairy garden.
We added some new gnomes and it's fun to see our impatiens growing in pots.

Surprising Olive with her favorite after school snacks.  We've done snicker doodles, smoothies and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Confident first grader.
She loves rainbows, unicorns, headbands and pink.  She's brave even when school makes her nervous.  She's making lots of new friends and has big plans for this year.

Sweet little sidekick. 

He regularly tells us that "I just want to kiss you on the wips!" while flashing his dimpley smile and twinkly blue eyes.

What little moments stand out in your week that made you smile??


  1. I love the little moments! Those trees make your yard a magical place for the kids.

  2. I love your fairy garden! That last picture of Fletcher is just so cute!

  3. Love this post! I need to do one. Hey! We got to see our very first Sandy while visiting a children’s museum in Grand Rapids this summer. I even took a picture to text you but never did! I’ll try and do that today :-)

  4. Because in all reality, it’s all of the little moments added together that are really the big things! I love that you took the time to do this. Such sweet moments for your precious family! There used to be a “little things” type of linkup and now I am reminded of how much I miss it.


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