Monday, August 5, 2019

House Plants: All of My Indoor Gardening Secrets

I've been working on learning how to garden and keep plants alive for the past couple years.  I used to kill any plant that I brought home, but not any more.  I currently have an indoor garden of 18 plants!!  Yes, I'm keeping 18 plants alive and well.  I just love the assortment of plants I've picked up over the years.  Today I'm going to give you my indoor gardening secrets and tell you my best tips for growing a green thumb.

Growing a Green Thumb:

1. Leave them alone.  Don't over water.  Just water once a week.  I try to water everything on Saturdays to keep me in a good routine.

2. Keep them away from kids and pets.  I have both so we've had to set rules, boundaries and figure out ways for the kids to help with the plants without hurting them.

3. Pick out plants you love and read about what they need to thrive.  Once you learn more about certain types of plants, you can add more of those to your collection.

4. Keep an eye out for plants anywhere you go to add to your collection!

Come along for a little plant tour!!

My love for my galvanized house lantern is still going strong.  I just love how it looks surrounded by plants now!  I've collected a variety of containers, pots and set some of the plants on cake stands.  I've found plants at Aldi, Meijer, our local Farmer's Market, Walmart, Lowes and local garden centers.  They really are everywhere!

I've found Aloe plants and succulents are very easy to grow as long as you don't over water them.

My Fiddle Leaf Fig plant came from Wal-Mart months ago for around $17.  It's doing so well!  See all those new baby leaves!  It seems to like more water than my other plants so I water it twice a week.  It's all trial and error to figure out where a plant will be happiest in your house.  This lady likes direct sun in our bay window and being watered more than once a week.

Succulent garden in my kitchen window.  I've had several of these since Fletcher's first birthday party.  They went along with my dinosaur theme.  Succulents and any kind of Jade plants respond really well to watering once a week and living in a windowsill.  The kids hand painted the polka-dot pots for me and picked out succulents at the farmer's market a couple weeks ago.

The kid's table in our kitchen is a good spot for plants.  I found this beaded plant hanger at Hobby Lobby.

If I could only recommend ONE house plant, these Pothos plants would be it!!

They are SO easy to grow!  They do great with weekly watering (or even every other week) and have doubled in size for me.  The leaves will droop when the plant is ready to be watered.  They don't like to live in wet soil so be sure not to over water.

I found mine at Meijer and Kroger.  I have a Neon Pothos and a Golden Pothos.  They're such beautiful spots of color in our family room.  They don't need direct sunlight and are the perfect addition to a shelf or side table.  They are usually under $15.  Mine are a couple years old.  I'm really proud of how well they've grown under my care.  I think they were the first house plants I attempted to learn how to care for.

Let me know if you have any house plant questions for me.

I'm not an expert, but I have really enjoyed learning how to take care of my indoor garden.  Rest assured I'm still learning.  I cannot keep an indoor fern alive for the life of me.  My cats play with them and eat them and they never last very long at my house.  One day I'll figure out ferns - ha!

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  1. Just beautiful, Whitney! You really have a green thumb!


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