Friday, August 23, 2019

Star Student in the Family

Olive was chosen to be the first star student of the year in her class and it totally made her week!  She was so excited to be singled out for being a great role model, leader and kid with good behavior to start out the school year.  She's been all sunshine and rainbows this week.

We made her poster last weekend and it's been on display all week.  She had a vision for her poster and I was just the supply buyer.  Meijer had tons of fun things - glitter framed poster board, poster kit with letters and shapes and glue sticks.  She picked out her pictures, placed them and wrote out all her important information.  I was just the glue lady making sure everything was glued in place.

Her teacher has gone above and beyond to make her feel special, loved and encouraged this year.  I can't remember if I've mentioned it here or not, but Olive made her teacher a back to school bracelet and gave it to her at meet the teacher night.  Her teacher has worn it every day since school started and Olive was beyond thrilled.  As a mom, It made me so happy to see her teacher getting to know her and connect with her right away.

Every teacher seems to run star student week differently.  Be sure to check and see what the teacher wants.  Olive's teacher had specific papers to fill out, information to include on the poster and special things in the classroom (special chair, special poster spot, line leader, etc.)

Olive loved presenting her posters to the class.
What a fun week of first grade!

Star student was definitely the highlight of our week.  The rest of the week drug by and was filled with plenty of hard moments.  Fletcher got 4 staples in his head on Saturday so that kind of changed our plans for the week.  We spent most of the week at home taking it easy.  Then we went to get the staples taken out yesterday and it didn't go well.  They took one out and he started bleeding.  I was not expecting that and it was hard on both of us.  The nurses decided he needed more time to heal and I have to take him back to try that process again next week.  Pray for us because removing 1 staple was traumatic and we still have 3 to go!

We're planning a quiet weekend at home.  No bikes, no swimming and still trying to keep Fletcher from reinjuring his head as it heals.  We have gone on some sweet family walks in the evenings though.  Hoping for a calm, quiet, sweet weekend at home.

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  1. So Sweet! She is precious and the perfect Star Student!

  2. Olive did such an awesome job on her poster!! So fun she has had such a special week at school!! And oh man. Poor Fletcher and poor YOU!!! I am sorry you have to go back to get more staples's just stressful and not fun seeing your little buddy hurting!!! Hoping ya'll have a chill weekend...I know you need it! :)

  3. So sorry to hear about his staples! Olive is just the cutest - she is a star! Have a great weekend!

  4. I love that her teacher has worn her bracelet every day. It sounds like she got a good one this year. I hope Fletcher's little wound heals up soon! Have a quiet, relaxing weekend!

  5. Aw, that is so sweet! She did an amazing job on her poster.

  6. Star Student is so fun! I love that school do this and spotlight a child for a week! It stopped after 1st grade for us. That makes me want to cry that the teacher has worn the bracelet every day! Shows how much her teacher really cares and loves her job. SO sweet. Olive’s poster board came out perfectly!


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