Wednesday, August 28, 2019

10 School Lunch Ideas: Yumboxes

I get asked regularly if we are still liking our Yumbox lunch boxes.

Without hesitation, my answer is always YES!  They're wonderful.

They cost around $25-29 each, but they hold up great for YEARS.  Yes, YEARS!  You'll save money on ziplocs and all the other food wrappers because you don't have to individually wrap anything.  Every item goes in its own compartment.  It's quick to fill the compartments and they are leak proof (as long as you don't over fill them).  You can find links to all our favorite Yumboxes + supplies in this post Everything You Need for Packing School Lunches

Now that we're almost a month into our school year, I thought it would be fun to do a little lunch box inspiration post.

We've figured out a winning lunch formula:
fresh fruit
crunchy veggies
salty snack
half sandwich/pasta
meat & cheese
tiny treat
food picks/tiny forks/glitter silverware
reusable water bottle
Yumbox Original

These are10 of our favorite lunch ideas:

Mini Oreos, fresh pineapple and glitter silverware (from Walmart)

Cookie cutter shaped sandwiches

White Cheddar Cheese or Sharp Cheddar cheese cubes

Breakfast for dinner.  Thomas mini bagles are so soft!  I just split them in half and sprinkle cinnamon sugar on them.  More glitter silverware.  We save it for lunchboxes.

Fritos, Food picks and Nerds.

Matchstick carrots, half sandwich cut in half, mini M&Ms, turkey pepperoni & turkey sausage

Gardettos, grapes and olives

Chex mix, English cucumbers peeled, Honey Crisp apple slices.  The apples don't brown once they've been sealed in their compartment.  If you're worried about it, just rinse them in a tiny bit of salt water and it'll keep them from browning.

Cold pasta, carrot circles and fresh peaches.  We love the unicorn Kraft mac & cheese.  I just make the noodles and toss the cheese powder pouch.  Olive loves them in her lunch.  You could easily add butter, cheese, salt and pepper to the noodles.

Mini Reeses cup, mini pb crackers, half sandwich no crust, Cheese Chex, a mix of cheese cubes and melon.  Fletcher's lunch favorites are different than Olive's :)

Hope this gives you some new ideas and inspiration to pack yummy lunches for your family!


  1. All such great ideas! We ordered a box, but I must have ordered a toddler sized one. It's tiny!! I will have to find a bigger one that will accommodate a growing 9 year old boy!

  2. I bet all the kids are jealous of your kids' lunches!


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