Monday, August 12, 2019

Charcuterie Boards for Everyone

I have some fun charcuterie board ideas to share with you.  They all include a little something for everyone.  I promise they're easy to assemble for foodies of all ages.

I included some new things along with our favorite things on our boards this month.

Take a look and get some ideas for making charcuterie boards of your own.

Aldi is by far my favorite spot to pick up all my board ingredients.  Their prices are amazing and the quality is top notch.  We stopped at a local specialty store for a couple new meats and cheeses and were very disappointed.  They were pricey and not nearly as good as Aldi.  Lesson learned!

// 1 //
NEW: Peanut Butter sandwich crackers, fresh loaf of french bread and real butter and cherries
OLD FAVES: veggies, white cheddar cheese, pretzel chips and pita chips

// 2 //
NEW: Watermelon slices, veggie straws, thins slices of salami, turkey sausage crumbles, wedges of brie & mini pepperoni
OLD FAVES: peaches, cheddar cheeses, prosciutto and olives

Family favorite meal!  We used paper plates so there were no dishes to clean up.

// 3 //
NEW: watermelon chunks, brie, thick and thin slices of salami
OLD FAVES: Gardettos, turkey pepperoni and butterfly crackers

// 4 //
NEW: Favorite sandwiches for each person cut into fourths and black olives
OLD FAVES: peaches and cheddar cheese

This board is just a reminder that it's still fun to put together a charcuterie board full of all the leftover things you have in your pantry.  We had this for a quick lunch one day and the kids made no comment about it being different that the usual super colorful, packed with options boards pictured above.  They didn't even seem to notice it was pretty sparse. 

So let this be your reminder to relax, enjoy feeding your crew and don't stress about putting together perfect meals.  Your family will just be happy to be fed.

Let me know if you have any questions! 

I'd love to help you put together some delicious charcuterie boards :)  Tag me @polkadottyplace on instagram or email them to me at

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