Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Soaking Up that Last Bit of Summer Fun

Happy August!  I know that many of you have back to school on the brain.  We head back to school one week from today.  I am trying hard to make our days fun, relaxing and trying to do some of our favorite Summer activities.  I wanted to share some with you today in case you were needing a little Summer pick me up with fresh ideas at this point in the Summer.

My kids love playing with these Orbeez Water Beads.  They come in a half pound pack for $6.99 and you get so many!!  We have played with them many times and still have 3/4 a bag left.  You just let them soak in water overnight and they're ready to play with for several days.

MarvelBeads Water Beads Rainbow Mix, 8 ounces (half pound), for Orbeez Spa Refill, Sensory Toys and Décor

My kids would LOVE these GIANT water beads:
Giraffe - Giant Magic Water Beads - (300 Count)

I filled up an IKEA tub and gave them tons of kitchen supplies to play with.  They added in their own toys and played so well together.  They scooped, poured, sorted by color, buried objects, etc.  We played with them for three days like this.  They're fun inside or out.  Inside we just have to have more rules about sitting down, keeping them in the tub, etc.

We played at a friend's house recently and she filled two tubs with water beads in her backyard.  The kids thought it was AWESOME to sit in a pool of water beads.

My kids have loved water color painting this summer.  They'd do it for hours.  I love that the clean up is easy and they have a lot of fun.  We paint, stamp, mix colors, free choice paint, etc.   We love the Crayola water color sets and they're on super sale with school supplies right now.  Great time to stock up!

Olive's rainbow unicorn:

Fletcher preferred body painting.

My kids LOVE playing with Play-Doh.  It's their favorite.  They play with the sets we've gotten, come up with games of their own or they enjoy making Play-Doh cupcakes.  I just give them a mini muffin pan and they start "baking".  They assemble all the cupcakes and then tell me the flavors.

I buy the Play-Doh pack on Amazon anytime it goes on sale.  It's the best deal for a ton of colors.

Play-Doh Modeling Compound 24-Pack Case of Colors (Amazon Exclusive)

Wilton Perfect Results Non-Stick Mini Muffin and Cupcake Pan, 24-Cup

We've been baking anything and everything!  We do box mixes, recipes from scratch or things from Pinterest.  The kids love counting, measuring, baking and tasting with me.  We're baking Olive's K teacher some sugar cookies for their open house next week.

We had the best time making bracelets with pipe cleaners and beads.  The kids played pretty well together and all the people/stuffed animals got bracelets.  Fletcher did kick the plate of beads once, but overall it was a pretty low key activity.

Pony beads are my favorite beads for jewelry making with little hands.

Pony Beads Multi Color 9mm 1000 Pcs in Bag

Darice 1100 Piece Pony Heart Shape Bead, Multicolor

The Beadery Sparkles Pony Bead Box - approximately 2300 beads

What are you and your kids doing to wrap up Summer??

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  1. My kids loved those water beads a few years ago. Then we stuck them in the garage in the winter and they froze solid! Ha. I can’t believe how early so many are returning to school. We still have 5 weeks of summer break until school starts again! But this momma is ready for back to school, for sure!


  2. Those activities look like so much fun! I remember watercolor painting, but it wasn't often and my mom refused to have Play-Doh in her house!

  3. I need to get the beads and pipe cleaners out. My girls love to do that :). My kids have been loving the dry erase portion of their easel lately!

  4. This reminds me I should get the water beads out!

  5. The end of summer can be so much fun!


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