Thursday, August 2, 2018

County Fair 2018

Are you a fan of Summer fairs??  We look forward to our county fair every July.  It usually falls around Kevin's birthday and it's definitely a highlight of our summer.  This is the 4th year we've gotten to go to our fair.  I really love living in the same spot and not moving :)  We love all of the animals, fair food and the kids enjoy the rides.  I realized this week that I never recapped our fair fun this year.

Both kids loved it this year.  The weather was unseasonably cool for July and we were thankful the crowds were low in the afternoon.  As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, Olive said I'm going to ride the ferris wheel with dad.  She rode it and loved it.

The Bunny Barn is always a favorite spot.

This guy posed, cheesed and LOVED these bunnies.  One of the owners was there and let us pet the bunny.  Fletcher grabbed the bunny from her and loved on it.  He really loves animals.

We are big Llama Llama book fans so the llamas and alpacas were amazing!  They're friendly and funny.  We cracked up talking to them.

Olive LOVES horses.  I couldn't believe how tiny she looked next to them.

We ran into a fair queen runner up and Olive was amazed.  She loved her crown and asked me to snap a picture with the princess :)  I think it made both of their days.

I go to the fair for the funnel cake.  Extra powdered sugar, please!

Loaded up and ready to go!  Kevin said Olive was death gripping his arm at first and then eased up as the ride when on.  They both loved it.

They're in the blue car right above the billboard.

 Fletcher loved these little rides.

That's a wrap!  Until next year, County Fair!!  We've come a long way since Olive's first ride experience.  She hated it and was so mad.  She also begged and begged to ride rides that year.  haha

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  1. Haha I was hoping you'd share that first fair picture again! Too funny. Growing up the fair was always a highlight for me in the summer. Sadly, ours has gone down the drain. I haven't been in years. Hopefully by the time we have kids, it will make a comeback.

  2. So, so fun! We don't usually make it to the county fair, but we do go to the State Fair!

  3. Such a fun tradition! Your kids just get cuter and cuter. Love seeing those big smiles on the rides. We love fairs too, but don’t seem to go every year. I’m with you - fair food is the best!

  4. Yes! I was hoping you'd add that first fair Olive picture too! :) That's how I feel at almost every outdoor activity. Ha! :) I love that you all have made such a fun family tradition out of this - Midwest county fairs are a true slice of Americana!

  5. What a FUN time!!! I am OBSESSED with Olive’s dress!!!🍉

  6. Great pictures of what looks like a wonderful time for everyone..Simple pleasures are sometimes the best...Fletcher looks like he is really having fun this yr...Rembrandt the look on Olive’s face the other time.. What a difference a few yrs make..

  7. There is a fair going on in our little town right now, but we haven’t been. It’s so hot here, even at 9pm that it’s hard to enjoy a good fair. Such a bummer. I’m talking 103 degrees at 9pm. It’s insane. If it’s still going on this weekend I make suck it up and take Mason because your pictures look all too fun. Those Llamas…such interesting creatures and I love them! We are fans of those books as well. I am certain the funnel cake is the best part of any fair! Looks like y’all had a wonderful time.

  8. Looks fun! I honestly haven't been to a fair since high school.


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