Monday, March 12, 2018

St Patrick's Day Fun

Hope you had a great weekend!!  I'm so excited for a St Patrick's Day filled week of rainbow/clover goodness.  Kevin is on Spring Break so we're going to have some fun.

I wanted to share some St Patrick's Day inspiration with you today in the hopes that you'll find something you'd love to do with your family or friends.

I found this cute leprechaun t-shirt, hand towels, sticker mustaches and Unicorn Lucky Charms at Meijer.  I love their holiday shirts for kids.  They're $6 regular price and always go on sale for around $4.  My kids are going to think these mustaches are hilarious.  Our guest bathroom is Notre Dame themed so these hand towels are going to be perfect in there.  The unicorn Lucky Charms are going to be a BIG HIT.  My kids love them normally and the addition of unicorn marshmallows will just be icing on the cake.

Rainbow Feet:
You can find all of my directions here Golden Memories

Rainbow Lunch:
My kids LOVE eating Skinny Pop popcorn

Rainbow Cupcakes:
All the directions are here Make Your Own Rainbows

Rainbow Jello:
Yes, it's time consuming to make, but it is SO GOOD!  I'm not even a big jello fan and this is something I look forward to every year.  You can find my recipe and directions here

Irish Stew:
I am planning to make this for my family again this year.  I'll do some brown bread with it or maybe some Irish Soda Bread that my husband loves.  You can find the Irish Stew Recipe here

Rainbow Fruit Tray:

Rainbow Brownies:

Baby Clover Art:
Perfect for tiny hands and feet.  You can find all the details here

Andes Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies:
You can find my recipe here

Hope you found something fun you'd like to try this week!!


  1. Have a great week together as a family! Thank you for the cute ideas! That fruit platter is so fun!

  2. You're the queen of St. Patty's Day ideas! I remember seeing your recipe for Irish Stew before, but that really needs to go on my menu. I'm always looking for things to make with turkey sausage links - Paul loves it and it's always affordable. Thanks for all the festive ideas! :)

  3. What a fun but simple way to celebrate with a box of lucky smart but simple! My parents made green eggs last year for St. Patty's Day and we will be with them again so my kids requested it ;) We might have to get a box of Lucky Charms to snack on as well!!!

  4. You seriously have so many fun, festive ideas!!! I want to be your kid :) HAHA!!

  5. Those canvases are adorable! I'm off to the store to get some Lucky Charms!


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