Monday, March 26, 2018

Everything Easter

I just love this time of year with the pastels, the bunnies and all the cheerful decorations.  I'm excited to share my favorite Easter recipes and crafts with you along with some decor inspiration.  I got the house all decorated.  Let's start the tour!

Our tulips aren't blooming yet, but my front door is!!


Olive painted this egg at school and I just love it!

I found these Cynthia Rowley plates at TJ Maxx this year and love them!  They're melamine and really durable.  We eat off of them all the time and they'll be great for our Easter meals.

These carrots are my favorite!  Kevin and I went on a cruise several years ago and I brought them back from Mexico.  He thought I was nuts for buying carrots.  I just knew they'd be perfect for Easter.

We tried something new this year.  Each kid got to pick out a bunny for their bedroom.  Fletcher picked a bunny in a carrot car in true boy fashion.

Olive picked out a floral/lace bunny in true Olive fashion.  She's loved bunnies her whole life so she was eager to decorate for Easter.

Family Room:
Bunnies and signs of Spring all over the place.

I picked up this sweet turquoise bunny while we were at Notre Dame earlier in the month.  I love picking up holiday or home decor souvenirs when we travel.  It just makes me so happy to decorate with items that are sentimental to me!

I always add holiday things to our bookshelves.

Here are a few of my favorite Easter recipes and crafts:

Chalkboard Easter eggs
(all the details here)

Egg Carton Lunch
(all the details here)

Resurrection Rolls
(all the details here)

Bunny Prints
(all the details here)

What are your plans for Easter this year?

We've got brunch with the Easter bunny, we'll do an Easter egg hunt and baskets at home, will go to church and I'll cook some yummy Easter meals.

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  1. Your house looks beautiful! I love your new tradition of letting the kids choose a bunny. How much fun is that?! Great find in those Easter egg plates. I am always so amazed at what others find at TJ Maxx. I think I need to go there more often ;D

  2. Love your door décor. I decided this year that I was going to make an Easter wreath this year. I'm still waiting for some of my supplies to come in, so if I get to display it for just a couple of days, that's fine by me! You have the cutest holiday décor!

  3. We might just have to try the egg carton lunch this weekend or next - that's such a cute idea! My neighbor has a similar tulip door hanging. Where did you find it? It's so cute!

  4. Everything looks so cheerful and spring-y! I love your bunny theme, it makes the decor look so intentional yet fun! Your carrot souvenirs are perfect. I love picking up Christmas ornaments or home decor when we travel, too. You get so much more enjoyment out of souvenirs like that.

  5. I love the tulip door hanger! I've been on the hunt for something like that for years, but I can never seem to find one that sits flat enough against the door.


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