Thursday, March 16, 2017

Golden Memories

We've been working on some fun craft projects this week.  I'm loving all the rainbows for St. Patrick's Day so I knew I wanted to do some rainbow projects.  I look forward to doing art projects that will be keepsakes to decorate our house with every year.  I try to stock up on blank canvases when they go on sale and then keep them in my craft closet for the holidays.

Foot Print Rainbow:
I like to plan out our crafts in advance so they go smoothly.  I lay out all of the supplies and kind of walk through the whole project before we get started.  I think my teaching days come in handy for things like this :)

You'll need: 
a square canvas 
rainbow colored paint
medium sized paint brush
wet paper towels

Start this project with your easiest kid.  For me it meant start with the older kid and alternating colors.  She did great and it was a little more time consuming than other foot print projects just because we were having to wipe her foot completely clean each time to change colors.

Let all of the foot prints dry completely (2-3 hours) and then stamp your next child.

Add white clouds at the end and then cover them in gold glitter.
Let dry overnight.

I surprised Olive with a fun rainbow lunch.  I used all of her favorite foods and she loved it.  She was surprised and then said she wished it was a clover.

And if you want a really easy rainbow colored food item for this week...
snag a bag of these rainbow Air Head treats.  They are berry flavored and they're sooo good!

Hope you're having a great week!!


  1. Those candies are my FAVORITE! I should get a bag to surprise my girls with tomorrow! You have shared some amazing St. Patrick's Day posts this week.

  2. The footprints is the best! What a cute idea!!!


  3. Oh that is a cute foot project! I could see how it could be time consuming but it was worth it because it is darling. I have never seen those candies but I love Air Heads. Are they a seasonal candy or are they always available? I'm going to the store tomorrow so I'll be on the lookout.

  4. I LOVE the footprints! That is one of the most adorable things I've seen!


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