Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Coffee Date Confessions

I wish I could get together with all of you for coffee some morning.  If we were meeting for coffee, this would be the list of things to talk to you about.  Lots of random things, some questions and some confessions.  I'd meet you at my favorite local coffee spot.  I would probably order a skinny vanilla latte and a blueberry muffin. Let's chat.

I'm also signing off for the week!  We're heading out on a St Patrick's Day road trip for the next couple days to enjoy Kevin's spring break.   I'll be back here on Monday!  You can follow our adventures over on instagram @polkadottyplace

Coffee Questions:
1. Have you ever ordered shutters?  I'm in the market for some for our house and am in totally unfamiliar territory!!

2. Do you have any motion sickness remedies for kids??  BOTH of my kids have been getting carsick so easily lately.  Our car is stocked with a barf bucket, cleaning supplies and I think I should probably add in extra clothes.  Yuck.

3. All things Easter: What the thing you're most excited to put in your kid's Easter baskets?  What do you put inside the Easter eggs you hide for your kids?

Coffee Confessions:
1. I have never been tempted to buy any of the Rae Dunn stuff, until I saw her Easter line.  It's still not really my style, but the Easter stuff is pretty cute.  Are you a fan?

2. I always laugh when people say... let me be real or announce something they post is real life.  Does this mean their other stuff is fake??  I get what they're saying, but it just makes me laugh to hear this distinction.

3. I was checking out at the grocery store a couple weeks ago and this woman did a total double take when she walked by me.  She fumbled over her words, grabbed my arm and said, "Honey!  I thought you were Heather Tom from The Young and The Restless.  You look just like her."  She was bummed to know I didn't watch the show and encouraged me to go home investigate.  Made me laugh.

4. My kids turn into wild animals when we facetime.  They'll be quiet and calm before I make a call.  Then once a family member shows up on the screen they go nuts.  Someone usually ends up getting head butted, someone usually cries and everyone is LOUD.  Drives me crazy.

5. I've been looking for rocking chairs.  I'd love to have a pair for our deck.  I've also seen rocking chair benches.  Does this make me an old grandma??

6. My husband surprised me with an air fryer for Valentine's Day.  He was super excited about it, but I'm at a loss of what to do with it.  He thought it would be a fun kitchen appliance and I'm not convinced we needed it.  I kind of hurt his feelings with my lack of enthusiasm.  I apologized and we've kind of moved on.  We have made french fries and green beans that were all good.  Do you have any air fryer recipes to recommend??

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  1. Kids Dramamine a half hour before you get in car!! Air fryer is amazing- you can put anything in there that would normally go in oven but shorter time and no smells!!

  2. We use the sea bands for any kind of motion sickness. You can get them at any drugstore or Meijer and they work!

  3. Keep me posted on what you do with the air fryer. I have been wanting one, but wasn't sure what all I would use it for. I am so intrigued! I would probably start with chicken. We have plantation shutters in our home. I love them! I know that Home Depot sells them. Let us know what you decide! :)

  4. I have an air fryer-- have only made chicken wings and fries in it, but they are good. Only pain is cleaning it--but of course we don't have a dishwasher. I always coat the basket before I make anything in it with coconut oil. Rocking chairs are awesome; they are not for grandmas only!

  5. So I googled Heather Tom and I can see what that lady was talking about - you do look like her! That's so funny. I stopped someone the other day and told him he looked like Scott Porter from Friday Night Lights and Hart of Dixie, but he didn't know who I was talking about either. It's always awkward when that happens. :) Oh my gosh, the same thing happened when Paul bought me a HUGE food processor for my birthday. I had to tell him I didn't need it because we already have two of them. Ha. Hope you can find some things to make in your fryer - I feel like I've seen some recipes on Skinny Taste that use one of those. Enjoy your road trip and time away with the fam!

  6. Have fun on spring break! I get seasick, and ginger really works for me. I normally just drink a ginger ale.

  7. I like the look of Rae Dunn stuff but I'm not going to shell out the kind of money I see some people on IG do to get it all. I have found a person who does lookalike vinyl stickers that look just like the Rae Dunn print that you can add to your own items or to things you can buy cheaper. I am thinking of giving that a try to see how I like the look of it in my house. That is funny that person thought you were here but I googled her and you two do favor a ton! You are every bit as pretty as she is!

  8. Hi Whitney, oh I do love coffee. The kids getting loud during facetime, hmmm. Reminds me of our 1 year old pup. Every time we sit down to watch tv, or try to get on the computer, she tries to jump in our lap, or suddenly gets very demanding and needs to go out. She, like your kiddies, are wanting your attention. They are willing to be loud, fight, get hurt, in order to have you focus on them. Good luck on the road trip. I hope everything goes well.

  9. We don't hide the plastic Easter eggs, we hide real ones. But I do put some of those in their Easter baskets. I have put in cheerios, gummies, jellybeans, stickers, self inking stamps (just the cheap ones). My mom has an air fryer and makes really good, crispy sweet potatoes in them. She cuts them up like you'd have in a breakfast hash.

  10. I've kind of always wanted an air fryer but don't really have the extra countertop space. Dramimine works for me when I get motion sickness.

  11. You're not a grandma--I want rocking chairs for our porch, too!

  12. Oh I want to have coffee with you and talk about all of thsee things!! Bahahah Victoria Newman! My mom/aunts are soap watchers so during family beach week I always end up subjected to a few minutes of soaps while putting kids to nap at the house or something and I always laugh that the story line has moved like 2 days from when I was in high school and would walk through the room of someone watching. I can see it- it's the great full hair especially! Rocking chairs, benches, front porch swings- they're all musts in my book. I have a perfect spot for a porch swing and have that on my spring to do list. Tell no longer wants to talk to people via facetime because he likes to hold my phone (I have a rotation ring which makes it so easy for him to carry around) and hold it in people's faces saying "hiiiiiiii", because I guess that's what we do to him when we have someone on facetime to whom we want him to say hi : ) haha I feel like I see TONS of air fryer recipes- check the ones from Skinny Taste.

  13. I have rocking chairs on our porch and love them!
    I buy all the Rae Dunn stuff. I just love it!
    How do you like the Air Fryer?
    Enjoy your trip!

  14. I've seen people rave about air fryers, but I wouldn't know what to do with one either. I hope you have a great trip. I never never had to deal with car sickness, but I wonder if sea bands would help?

  15. I think it TOTALLY means their other stuff is fake! Honestly one of my biggest struggles with the blogging world in general is the fakeness that comes with so much of it. For every person that keeps things real, there are a dozen that don't. I have been thinking of shutters too, but we would likely opt to make ours from cedar or something similar.

  16. We hide real eggs and I put chocolate in the plastic ones and put them in Jack's basket. We do hide a few plastic eggs and put a dollar in each one. The kids are at that age where they want to use their own dollar to purchase something so it is fun to let them find a few dollars. When the leprechaun brought Jack a few dollars the other day he wanted to use that money to buy donuts. We would have had donuts that Saturday morning anyways so it works out :) I LOVE my air fryer!!! Anything frozen I cook in there. My most go-to thing is throwing chicken nuggets and tator tots in there together, 12 minutes later they are crisp and my kitchen didn't get heated up. I've even purchased an Air Fryer Cookbook and have found several great recipes. You can even "boil" eggs in an air fryer.


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