Friday, March 2, 2018

The Best Parts

Happy Friday and Happy March to you!  Hope you've had a nice week.  We had a great one.  We hung out with friends, ate delicious food, had some fun adventures, did our usual routines and are looking forward to a weekend that includes plans for date night, a birthday party and visitors!  Hooray!!

The best parts of our week were:

I found this unicorn cross body purse for Olive at Walmart this week!!  It was $9.97 and she's going to LOVE it!!  I think I'm going to put it in her Easter basket.  They had tons of cute designs - cherry, ice cream, cupcake, emojis and a cactus.

You know we're big fans of St Patrick's Day so our house is all decked out!  I look forward to decorating our mantle every month.  Bring in all the shamrocks, rainbows and gold touches this month!  Stay tuned for some festive crafts and recipes coming next week.

Fletcher walked into the kitchen and said, "I build train, Mom!!"   He was so proud of himself!
 "I Lightning McQueen!!"

I love a sweet treat and I've been trying to find healthier substitutions.  These banana pops are delicious!!  They've got 4 ingredients - bananas, peanut butter, chocolate chips and water.  They're so good and so easy!  You can find my recipe here

The Dollar Tree had these cute heart toothpicks.  I think they will be great for lunches.  I also picked up these bunny mason jars for Easter baskets.  We drink smoothies every day and I think these will be a fun surprise for the kids.  I've not purchased the mason jars before, but was initially impressed with the quality and the kid straws.

Sink wars.  My cats would love to drink out of a sink all day long.  They're constantly battling for the sink spot.  They're nuts and pretty sweet :)

Our friends invited us to lunch at the airport on a beautiful day and we had the BEST time.  Lots of planes landed and we got a surprise tour of a military helicopter.  The pilot came in to the terminal where we were watching and the kids couldn't believe there was a real army man in the airport.  He was so kind to them and offered to give us a tour of his $35 million helicopter.  The kids went inside and Olive said it didn't look very comfy.  Fletcher was afraid because it was loud out there, but Olive and her best buddy Wilson were in heaven. 

 Fletcher preferred the smaller planes and the lunch portion of the outing :)

The rivers are really high in the Midwest.  We headed down to the riverfront to get some exercise and couldn't believe how high the water was.

The fastest way to make Olive's day is to be the first parent in line for pick up from school.  This doesn't happen often, but when I do manage to pull it off she's thrilled.

Dance class would be a close second for the highlight of her week.  She has so much fun!!

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Hope you have the best weekend!!

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  1. I am so going to try those sweet treats~~
    That was so cool that he let the kids see inside his helicoptor!!
    Hope y'all have the best weekend!

  2. What an experience to see that helicopter...that was so nice of the pilot! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I LOVE your festive mantle!!! Happy Friday :)

  4. Your mantle is so pretty! I love the layering that you do. What a cool experience to get to go in that aircraft. Yay for such nice people! Have a great weekend, lovely girl'

  5. That's so awesome they got to do a mini tour! I bet Olive was so excited! :)

  6. How exciting they got a tour! I would love to sit and watch planes, I should make it happen :)

  7. Those pops have peaked my interest! It has been TOO long since I have visited blogs and I'm excited to catch back up on your own! Fletcher has GROWN so much I thought he was just born - good gracious! Olive is so big too! Precious! Love it all! Happy March! (Southern Charm is back in April 5th!)

  8. Looks like a really fun week! We live about a mile from the airport, so every day is lunch at the airport for me. :) You can see planes take off and land from the dining room! Love your green and white centerpiece - those colors are so crisp and perfect for Spring. It's sink wars every day over here too! One of my YouTube viewers said she leaves the tub faucet running a tiny stream all day so her cats can drink whenever they want. Paul wouldn't let me do that but it would make life so much easier! Ha! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  9. Such a fun spot to have lunch and what a sweet surprise. I just love it when people go out of their way to make kids smile. It's the little stuff like that, that really adds up. Can't ways to see Olive rocking her new purse next month!

  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves to decorate for St. Patrick's Day! The color green and rainbows - what's not to love?!

  11. The cats in the sink cracks me up! What fun at the airport! So cool to see things close up!


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