Friday, August 25, 2017

6 Dollar Tree Faves

I'm excited to share my favorite things with you from my latest visit to The Dollar Tree.  I try to stop in my store seasonally to pick up fun things for the kids and to pick up some of my favorite staple items.  I love their straws, stationery, plastic table cloths, holiday decor, disinfecting spray and candy.  There is always a random assortment so I try to go with a list, but keep an eye out for things that are a great deal.

I found lots of good stuff this trip and wanted to share everything with you. 

These are such a great size, $1, and are perfect for storing toys or giving as a gift basket.  I picked up a blue one to hold a baby gift and then 4 white ones for toys.  They also came in red and green.  They are really deep and fairly sturdy for the price.  They look very similar to containers I've purchased at Target for almost $10.  They have stripes along the side and two handles.  The plastic is also flexible so it isn't something the kids could step on and crack.

My helpers thought they made the best hats.
It was hilarious to watch them play and entertain themselves all afternoon with these buckets.

The baskets live in our window seat full of toys right now.

I LOVE the thank you note selection at Dollar Tree.  It's $1 for either a 6 or 8 pack of cute thank you notes + envelopes.  I picked up 4 different varieties, some Troll stickers and these food storage containers.

Teacher gift idea: We are taking Olive's teachers cookies for her preschool open house next week.  I thought these would be perfect to hold apple shaped sugar cookies with a thank you for teaching Olive note.  Stay tuned for more details on teacher gift ideas :)

Aren't those little ice cream cone thank yous so cute??
They had tons of characters stickers for $1.  There are a ton of stickers inside and this price is much cheaper than I've seen elsewhere.  I'm saving these stickers as a fun reward for Olive.

I know it's a wee bit early to be talking Fall, pumpkins and cooler weather, but I can't help it.  The pumpkins are out in the stores so you've got to get them while they're well stocked.  I"m definitely not ready to decorate for Fall, but it makes me happy to add a few pumpkins to our patch.

These ceramic pumpkins are SO PRETTY!  I think I've picked up several every year for the past few years.  I have a nice collection and they definitely look nicer than $1 pumpkins.  I think they could pass for Hobby Lobby decor that would easily be $4-5 a pumpkin.  The paint is speckled, multicolored or they have a metallic finish.

My friend Whitney found some burlap pumpkins at her Dollar Tree so keep your eyes peeled for those, too.  My store didn't have any yet.  Here's a link to her Pre Fall Dollar Tree Haul Video.  She also mentions some really cute calendars to keep your eye out for.

Bonus: My kids love helping me decorate for the holidays.  I like involving them and knowing that our decorations didn't break the bank.  If a pumpkin gets broken, it was only $1.

We are more than ready to kick off football season.  I found these sweet football snack bowls and thought they'd be great for the kids.  We always fix yummy game day apps on the weekend.  These bowls will allow the kids to have a fun snack bowl and I won't have to worry about them breaking one of our football dishes.  They came in a 2 pack for $1.

What are your favorite items from The Dollar Tree lately??
Did I miss anything?

My store was putting out Halloween stuff, but the spooky decor didn't really speak to me.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
We have several back to school gatherings to host or go to so it'll be a busy weekend for us.

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  1. Dollar Tree really does have GREAT storage bins!

  2. Love the pumpkins! I need to make a trip there for co-op class supplies. Maybe I'll shop for me too!

  3. Great finds! I love seeing their seasonal decor - I'll put Dollar Tree on my list for the weekend! It hasn't occurred to me to check storage bin, great idea. We love their candy selection and cards too. I like their cleaning and office supplies, like padded mailers. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Dollar Tree always has great stuff. I need to go check and see if ours has those pumpkins!

  5. Totally itching to get to Dollar Tree now!

  6. Love teacher gift ideas!!! My favorite thing to give is gift cards wrapped cute. This year we gifted a dinner gift card and paper plates wrapped cute so she wouldn't have to wash dishes or cook!

  7. I love their organizing bins! My house is full of them. You found those pretty metallic gold pumpkins! I have been on the hunt for those and haven't found any yet, so I'm glad you scored a few. I saw all those fun football serving pieces recently and thought to myself, "Those would be cool to have if we cared about football!" :) If they come out with a basketball version I'll be picking those up this winter. I've never purchased any of their cards, but I am going to look for the ice cream ones! So cute!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  8. I like to buy stickers for my three-year-old niece at The Dollar Tree. She has a sticker book and she'll play with it for 30 or 40 minutes at a time. I've also bought some really good books there and a couple of good cookbooks. I bought some storage bins to put in my pantry and they were surprisingly sturdy. I bought some bags of apple chips that were good. And they're a really good size. They're not as big as the ones I buy other places, so they fit well in a lunchbox. I also buy Juicy Juice drink boxes. My niece and nephew are obsessed with drink boxes, so I like to keep a supply of them for when they come to my house.

  9. Yes! All of these items I have bought and loved at the Dollar Tree! I also love buying gift bags and tissue paper there! So much cheaper than any place else!

  10. I went to Dollar Tree the other day, but this one must be small because I didn't see any organizing bins or anything. I did get some cleaning/beauty supplies for a good price, but I was looking for storage/bins. I will have to scope out for a new Dollar Tree.

  11. Completely up SAST with those pumpkins! I was just at the dollar tree today and picked up those exact rainbow thank you notes for Cora to have on hand… It's her birthday today and she's going to have lots of notes to write! Also love those white storage bins… You can never have too many of those !!!

  12. I have 2 of those pumpkins. I just picked them up last week! And I have some fake flowers too I'm going to put to use soon. I'll be sure to share when I do.


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