Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Ocean Vibes

My family adores the ocean.  It is something that we all really love.

I've mastered what I need to pack to ensure the most fun, Kevin's mastered our beach set up with umbrellas and chairs and the kids love to play.

We made it to the ocean 3 times on this trip and each one was pretty wonderful.  It's just a short drive from my in law's place and the beaches are never crowded.  You pay to park and just walk right out to a stunning view.

It's much less stressful than the pool because they're nothing for Fletcher to fall off of or climb.  He walks out into the water a bit and then he sits.  I still have to make sure he's not eating shells or going out too far, but it feels like a much calmer outing than the pool.


The water was so clear!  We could see big shells, walk really far out and Kevin even spotted some sting rays this time.

I feel like we hit a parenting milestone this trip.  No one ate any shells or tried to eat any sand.  Sure they ended up with sand in their face, but it was because they were playing so hard.  It was so fun!

Both kids love going out in the ocean with Kevin.
Real Life: Kevin said that he was taking Olive out into the ocean and she said, By the way dad, I just peed on you.  Parenting is so glamours. haha

Fletcher.  The seagull chaser.  He screeched with delight and chased the birds.  They were extra interested in him once they realized he had pretzels.
Real Life: I spent a lot of time trying to get him to wear his sun hat.  Olive was always so good about wearing one and he refuses.  Mom fail.  I was also the mom chasing behind him reapplying sunscreen to the top of his head.  He never got burned so I applaud my sunscreen application as well as his rash guard.  They are life savers in the sun burn department.

Fletcher's turn to go out.

Our perfect set up.  Three umbrellas, chairs for everyone, sand toys and lunch.

These two had the best time playing together.

Gorgeous - right??
You park, walk through beautiful little park type set ups and then the ocean is right there.
Real Life: Olive had an epic meltdown shortly after this picture was taken.  She did not want to waer her wet suit and I couldn't seem to get the sand washed off her fast enough.  I ended up carrying a screaming Olive to the car, while pushing Fletcher in a loaded down stroller.  Kevin was pulling up the car and drove up to quite a scene.  I think she was just overtired and hangry, but I really thought we were over that meltdown stage of life with her.

We found THE BEST shells this trip.  They were larger, more colorful and better than any of our other beach trips.  We love spending time collecting them during our ocean days and then bring home a bag of shells as a souvenir.  I love decorating our house with them every summer.  It just makes me smile to see all these shells we've been collecting for YEARS.

Lifeguard duties usually just mean I'm wiping saltwater out of their eyes and keeping their heads above the waves.

The weather was warm, but beautiful every day.  We only had one day of storms during the day.  We were really thankful for the great weather and it was so fun to see the things that washed up on the beach overnight.  The kids were fascinated with this crab.

She was getting braver and braver each day.

We had a contest to see who could find the biggest shells each day.  Olive was also determined to find as many unicorn horn shells as possible.

Another beautiful spot to walk through on the way to the ocean.  The homes in downtown Naples are amazing!!  I'd love to stroll through the neighborhoods one day when we have time to kill.

All smiles as the waves washed over his chubby little feet.
Real Life: He was happy about 90% of the time at the ocean.  He also sprouted a couple of new teeth during this trip so that would explain the day he was extra fussy/clingy.

Wait for me, Sis!!

Strolling down the beach like teenagers.

My father in law prefers to spend his vacation on the golf course, but he humored us and headed to the ocean with us one day.  Olive loved showing him her favorite things.

We found HUGE shells this day.  Unfortunately, many of them were home to ocean creatures so we collected and put them back.  It was crazy to see these huge shells.  Olive spent her ocean days singing the soundtrack to Moana and acting out the scenes.  It was really cute!

And that's a wrap on our trip to Naples, FL!
The kids had a blast and kept us on our toes.
Real Life: Watching a busy one year old in a new house for a week is tricky.  He was climbing everything!!  Thank heavens he slept like a champion because he wore me out.  The kids were super comfortable here.  Olive claimed Grandpa's chair when he wasn't sitting in it.  She tolerated sharing it with Fletcher and then told Grandpa that she loved his chair because it smelled like him.  haha


  1. Y'all are such a beautiful family! We love the ocean too! Emma hated the sand so she would never get near it. I love that Fletcher will run around and play in the sand. I agree that it's much easier than the pool.

  2. SO much fun. All of these pictures had me missing everything about the beach. I love that you made a contest out of finding the biggest shells. What a fun idea. It looks like you found some really good ones.

  3. You make me wanna pack up and head out! I want to bury my toes in the sand one last time before the weather turns.

  4. Such a lovely recap! Love your real life moments too. I still can't get over your shells! LOVE them. Do your inlaws go to their beach house often?

  5. Looks like you had a great time at the beach. I really need to do one beach days before summer ends.

  6. Our kiddos love the beach too!!! The sand, the ocean, the shell's all just so much fun! LOVE your swimsuit friend...such a fun, fabulous pattern! So happy you had such a wonderful beach vacation!! :)

  7. I totally agree that the beach is "easier" than the pool! We live in Michogan so there are a million lakes to go to (closest one is 1 mile from our house, favorite is about 8 miles away).

    If the meltdowns over sand on their little feet, legs, arms, bottoms continue I suggest baby powder. It was one of those mom beach hacks I heard about and I tried it last year for the first time. It works! Just dump baby powder on their feet/legs and rub. The sand falls right off. I am especially happy to know about it for me because sand on my feet completely freaks me out.

  8. Beautiful! Everyone here is all about the Carolina beaches, but I don't think you can beat the water on the Gulf. It's just so beautiful. I really love your suit!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort


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