Friday, May 5, 2017

The Highlights

Happy Friday!  I hope you had a great week.  We have lots of fun things to report:

// 1 //
We got our official pics back from the Bunny Brunch and I adore them!  They capture the holiday perfectly for us.  Olive adored all the bunnies, Fletcher was fine as long as I was nearby and Olive was a determined egg hunter.

// 2 //
It's been raining a TON in the Midwest.  We're having to get creative to find fun things to do inside day after day.  So we've been making fun food - pancake muffins, butterfly shaped lunches and more.  Stay tuned for the pancake muffin details coming next week.  We've been doing a lot of art projects, too.  Somehow finger painting always turns into hand painting :)

// 3 //
Kevin got to attend the Right to Life banquet in Southern Indiana a few weeks ago with his family.  He heard that the beloved former Notre Dame coach, Lou Holtz, was the speaker and he was sold.  We both love Lou for his wise words on marriage, sweet quotes and the fact that he's a national championship winning ND coach is just icing on the cake.  Kevin was thrilled to get to hear him speak in person and knew it was a LONG SHOT to get anywhere near him.  He showed up prepared with Lou's book just in case there was some way to meet him.  Turns out Kevin got a once in a life time opportunity to sneak into the meet and greet.  He was the last person in line and got to meet his favorite coach of all time.  I was THRILLED for him and loved hearing all about it.  Go Irish!!

// 4 //
I went out with some friends one night and had a great time!!  We had appetizers for dinner and the soft pretzels dipped in spinach artichoke dip were amazing.  BBQ pizza is always a good choice, too.

Olive planted some flowers for me for Mother's Day!  They're sitting in our kitchen window and we're excited to watch them sprout.

We tried swimming lessons this week and they were a HUGE hit.  Olive loved them, loved her teacher and cried when we had to leave.  We're going once a week and I think Olive would prefer to go every single day.  She loved all of the pool toys, the games they played and I'm so glad we signed her up for lessons.  I'm excited to watch her skills improve and isn't this pool so pretty!?!?

// 5 //
I'm loving their new Spring clothes even though it's been a little chilly this week.  These dino pjs are a favorite and I love Olive's kite dress.  I also gave both kids haircuts this week!!  I'm no hair expert, but I've always cut Olive's hair.  The bob is an easy one to keep up.  Fletcher's hair was getting a wee bit mullety in the back.  Both kids look great with their new hairdos.  Olive has also started asking to wear bows again - hooray :)

Polka-Dotty Place Week in Review:

Thursday: Tinkergarten

Happy Cino de Mayo!!  We're hoping to eat some Mexican, watch the Derby tomorrow and work on some things inside because more rain.  I hope you have a really great weekend!!

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  1. How amazing Kevin got to see Lou Holtz speak!!! I am SO happy he got in!!! And SO awesome that Olive is loving her swim lessons- she is going to be a fish in no time!!! Hope you have an awesome weekend friend!!!

  2. What a great week you guys! So happy for Kevin! Even I've heard of Lou Holtz, and that's saying something! How cool that is!
    I thought it looked like Olive had gotten a haircut - nice job, Mama!
    Have a great weekend, friend!

  3. Love Lou! That's so fun!!! Your food is always so inspiring girl! You amaze me!

  4. That's so awesome for Kevin to meet Lou Holtz! I heard him speak at a seminar several years ago and really enjoyed it. Your kids are always cute, but your Easter pictures are extra precious. I love the one of Olive so intentionally walking across the grass. :) Yay for fun family memories!

    Hope you have a great, sunny weekend! :)

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  5. What a gorgeous pool! I'd love swim lessons there too! The finger painting picture looks so much! My kids hate getting stuff on their hands, but I might try that again today!

  6. Happy Friday!! The meals that you make for your kids are so creative & fun!!

  7. That dino romper is adorable! Isn't it fun to wait for flowers to sprout? We have some at home that are coming up and the boys are so excited to see them grow!

  8. That kite dress is gorgeous! Both of your kiddos are such cuties!

  9. That pool is gorgeous and I'm so happy that Olive is loving her swimming lessons. All the rain has not be great. I think tomorrow we will be able to make it outside for an all outside day. I hope it happens! I'm so jealous that Kev got to meet Lou. My dad would have loved to meet him also. It was such a great picture too. Speaking of pictures, the Easter pictures turned out cute too. I can see that first one in a frame for next Easter. Have a great weekend!

  10. I always love how you plate food! It would be too pretty for me to eat haha! Love the kids' spring clothes!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  11. Aaaahhhh those kid photos are adorable! I am loving the family photo too. Have you ever made bbq pizza?! I have wanted to try making it several times but I have never gone for it. I hope y'all are having a great weekend!


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