Monday, May 1, 2017

My Month in Numbers

I've always wanted to do one of these number posts and it finally came together this month!  

Here's what we were up to in APRIL:

20 Blog posts written, photographed, edited and commented on

2 Family road trips & 2 Work trips for Kevin

26lbs is Fletcher's current weight

4 Olive's birthday candle that made her cry because she wants to stay 3 forever

1 Babysitter & 1 Girl's night out

8 Voice mails this month

29 Days of giving cat medicine

2 Easter Bunny Sightings

3 Trips to the Children's Museum

23 Dinners cooked

2 Birthday Cards sent & 3 Trips to the Post Office

18 Thank you notes written

8 Plans with friends

6 Hour long stroller walks


1. Olive starts swimming lessons

2. Prep and plan for Olive's 4th birthday festivities

3. Host 2 dinners with friends at our house

4. Yard work - landscaping - buy plants for pots

5. Consign clothes - my clothes & kid clothes

6. Cut WAY back on candy - I love sweets of any kind - desserts, candy, etc.  So instead of saying no sweets, I'm being realistic and setting a goal of eating very little candy.  Baby steps - right??

7. Schedule some appointments I've been putting off

8. Paint/stain picnic tables

9. Participate in a 100 day challenge on recipes - more details to come on this next week!

10. Finish decorating all bedrooms.  We are getting close so I really want to hang pictures, decorate and then take some pictures to show the finished products.

What kinds of things are you working on this month??

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  1. You guys had a great month!! Love the photo of Fletcher. His expression!! Great goals for May. I'll go ahead and plan to come over for dinner whenever you'd like. ;)

  2. What a great month friend. That was A LOT of voicemail. I usually don't even have one a month. Thank goodness, I really don't like checking, or leaving, voicemail. Can't wait to hear more about that challenge!!!

  3. 100 day recipe challenge--I'm intrigued!

  4. Ugh landscaping....I'm so tired of it! I wish I could snap my fingers and it would all be done haha! Good luck with y'all's landscaping!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  5. So fun! Loved this post. I can't wait to hear more about the 100 recipes thing. So sweet/sad about Olive's candle! Havah goes through that every year! We are heading to Seattle soon for a family reunion, and while we are there we will be celebrating Havah's birthday. I want to give all the relatives a heads up that she hates being told things like, "how did you get so old? I can't believe you're this big now," etc., but I don't want to hurt any feelings. Ahhh, girls, right? 😂

  6. Such a fun post Whitney!! You are a busy mama!! I love your goals- and can't wait to hear how Olive does in her swimming lessons!! :) Hope you have a great week friend!

  7. Can't wait to here more about that challenge.
    Looks like y'all had a great month!

  8. What a great month! Good luck on the candy! We sent a lot of ours out of the house today with May Baskets and I'm so thankful!

  9. Sounds like a busy April! Love that picture of Fletcher. Looks like he is mean mugging. :) Good luck to your May goals. I actually wrote some down for this month so I'm hoping I can stick to it.

  10. Cat medicine. I feel you there! If only we could make them understand why we have to get them meds.

  11. Yay, thanks for linking up- I love meeting new bloggers!


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