Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Jobs that Are Perfect for Kids

We are big believers of team work at our house.  Things definitely run smoother when we're all working together.  We each have specific tasks that we do each week.  As Olive is getting close to 4, there are so many things she can help with around the house.  She LOVES helping and is always looking for ways to help out.  Sometimes it's more work to have her help us, but teaching a new skill and involving her is always worth it. 

Jobs a 4 Year Old Can Do Around the House:
Fill the cat food bowls with food
Set the dinner table with napkins & silverware
Plates and cups in the sink
Load water bottles into the fridge
Unloading silverware from the dishwasher
Folding kitchen towels
Pulling the curtains closed at night
Decorating/undecorating for the holidays
Putting on their own shoes
Hanging up their coat
Dirty laundry in their laundry basket
Pulling clean clothes from the dryer
Cleaning up toys & keeping them organized
Pulling weeds
Watering plants
Picking up sticks in the yard
Tidy up the outdoor toys each night
Picking up toys in her bedroom

We do a lot of these together and she's catching on quickly.  

Now I've noticed that my almost 4 year old is starting to initiate them on her own.  She will notice the section of the fridge with water bottles is empty so she will refill them or she will check the cat food bowl on her own.  It's great to see her growing up and look for ways to help out around the house.

Need some help with the dishes, Mom??  
His future wife will thank me :)

Do your kids do chores or jobs around the house?

What kinds of things do you have them help you with?

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  1. I so wish I would have instilled chores into my kiddos sooner! Great job!!

  2. Great post Whitney!! We are the same way at our house- all of our kids have responsibilities and we are constantly talking about how being part of a family means being a TEAM. During the school year- the girls' chores are not as "set in stone" since they aren't home for most of the day. They are expected to make their beds every morning, help set the table, put away their laundry and just in general be happy to help when we ask them to- key word HAPPY. HA! During the summer- they have set chores they do every day and for the most part- they enjoy doing them! I am looking forward to when the girls get just a bit older and can really start to take over some bigger chores-- like doing the laundry!! HA HA! Have a great day friend!

  3. Good list for a 4 yr old.. wish I had done that yrs ago...So enjoy reading your blog and especially the pictures which I love..Makes me feel close to you and the kids...

  4. I love this list! We do so many of these in our house - putting away laundry, setting the table, picking up sticks, putting groceries away, cleaning up, and we've even taught them recently how to clean the toilet! Start 'em young!

  5. Such a great list. I heard on the radio recently about how a mom instilled that they were "family chores" and not just "mommy chores". It's a great way in incorporate that whether boy or girl, you still need to pitch in and help the family. Sounds like Olive is off to a great start!

  6. We started using Financial Peace Junior with Julia last year. It includes a chore chart and we pay her for her chores weekly. She saves 10% of what she earns and deposits half of the remaining in her savings account. She then has some leftover money to spend if we are out and she sees something she wants to buy. Some of her chores (she's 7) are unloading the dishwasher, taking the dirty clothes to the laundry room, emptying the trash cans, and sorting the recycling. We are still working on doing them without complaining. ;)

    -Lindsey M.

  7. I've been having Jack help out a lot more. One chore he loves to do is vacuum with the dust buster. I'll also let him rinse dishes. Another chore is I'll hand him the laundry from the washer and let him put them in the dryer. However, this chore has backfired because I've found soiled underwear in the dryer several times. It's good when we can have them get involved and they love it so much. We have to hold on to these times for when we are having to force them to do their chores. ha!

  8. Train and teach them young! They are capable of so much more than we give them credit for and such hard workers too. Good job mom and dad. I love this list!


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