Tuesday, May 9, 2017

100 Day Recipe Challenge

Have you ever done a 100 day challenge?

I first heard about the idea of a 100 day project or challenge from Elise Joy.   She's done several and her current one is 100 different fabric squares with a plant theme.  It's so interesting and inspiring to see what she's creating.  You can find her on instagram at @elisejoy

I was inspired to start my own 100 day project and I came up with a huge list of ideas.  It was so fun to think about all the different projects or activities I'd like to do for 100 days straight.  I ultimately decided that I wanted to work on writing out handwritten copies of my family's favorite recipes.

I share all of my favorite recipes on my blog and have since 2011.  It's an excellent place to have them, but it's not always the most convenient thing to search back through my blog archives for a dinner recipe.  So I'm working each day to write out one of our favorite recipes and will end up with 100 great recipes at the end.  It has been fun to go back through my blog and pick out favorite menu items to add to my collection.

My mom wrote out a recipe box of recipes for me when I got married.  It's filled with some of her best recipes and I'm always asking her for new ones.  I'd love to have a recipe box of my own filled with recipes that my family loves.  I really enjoy cooking for my family so I think it would be neat to have a handwritten legacy of family recipes for my kids.

I'm 16 days into my 100 days and it makes me so happy to see my stack of recipes growing.  I keep all of the supplies (pen, recipe cards and computer) together so that I am reminded to work on the project often.  I also put it on my daily to do list.  My hope is at the end to put all of my recipes in one spot so that I won't have to hunt around or use technology to find those comfortable recipes.

I'm obsessed with this Rifle Paper Co floral recipe box.  Wouldn't it be the perfect spot to collect all of my recipes???  I'm putting it on my wish list along with some recipe card sheet protectors :)

If you know me very well you know that I really adore handwritten things so it seemed like a no brainer to start with this project.  I'll check in periodically to let you know how things are going and if it ends up being as much fun as I think it will be... I have a long list of things I'd like to try for my next 100 day projects.

Send a piece of mail each day
Care for plants - plant, grow, weed and photograph
Read for fun
Make phone calls
Make something each day
Marriage challenge 
or Self Care

What would you LOVE to commit to doing for 100 days straight??

I'm anxious to hear your ideas 
because I'm keeping a running list in my planner of things I want to try.

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  1. Thanks for hosting. It's fun to go back through the old family recipes!

  2. That is such a neat idea! Ever since Pinterest became a thing I haven't even cracked open my recipe book (unless it's Christmas or a special occasion). However, last year several of my boards on Pinterest spontaneously deleted, including my recipe board. I was horrified! I am thinking maybe I will do this as for a few reasons. Havah LOVES cooking and recipes, and I can see her really enjoying doing this with me, plus I think it makes so much sense to get our favorites down on paper. I will keep brainstorming, I would like to try other things as well!

  3. Oh I love all things handwritten. I need to think on what I want to do for 100 straight days... maybe nap? ;) Kidding of course. We know that would never fly around my home.

  4. Oh this is a fantastic idea!!! I may have to try this myself!!

  5. What a fun challenge! I love hand written recipes!

  6. I would love to do this sort of challenge, but I am not sure I could handle it. ha.

  7. Such a fun idea friend! In the days of all things digital, this is something people just don't do very often. I would love to have a recipe box of handwritten cards too.

  8. I would love to do a 100 day challenge! Such a fun idea! I've wanted to do a recipe book so I love this idea. I need to do 100 days of flossing :) I think a great idea would to write down one thing a day for a 100 days of something that I know about myself. I could examine all my favorite things and finally decide what my favorite cake is. I can never make my mind up about anything so I would need to do this. I need something that is in my face and is quick to do.

  9. I have been wanting to hand write all of my recipe cards. Maybe I should do this challenge! Great Idea!

  10. I love this idea! And handwritten recipes are the best, aren't they?!


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