Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Oh Olive Moments + Birthday Wish List

Four year old birthday wish list

Four year old birthday wish list by polkadottyplace featuring square throw pillows

Olive would be thrilled to get any of these things for her birthday!

She loves most toys and obviously has a strong preference towards purple and pink things.

Her current favorites:
Paw Patrol
My Little Ponies
outside toys

She's wearing size 5T and isn't sure she's ready to turn four :)

Here are some funny #oholive moments
from the past few months:

We put Olive to bed and she comes out begging for a "Mitnight" snack.  It's usually Cheerios.  "I really need a mitnight snack of cheerios because my belly is so hungry."

She's been introducing her bunny as "Lil' Bun Bun" which makes me think her bunny might be a rapper in her spare time.

She was telling me all about weddings and getting married.  "When you get married you get a crown and become a queen." :)

I'm a little embarrassed to tell this next story, but it's made me laugh for weeks so I'll document it.  She was rubbing my back with a little back rubber avoiding going to bed as usual.  She was talking up a storm telling me stories and then she said, "Okay, now roll over so I can rub your nipples."  Dead serious and then I died laughing.  She didn't understand why it was funny and I'm wondering how often she says nipples.

Fletcher and Olive always take baths together.  They love to play in the water.  Fletcher is getting a little too brave with his climbing skills and slipped in the tub.  I grabbed him just in time to save his head from going under.  Olive said, "Whoa those were some pretty good gymnastics moves, Fletch!"  We both laughed at that one.

We have a new babysitter that the kids love.  Neither of them fuss or cry when we leave so it makes leaving for a bit super easy.  When I came home the other day Olive turned to the babysitter and said, "You can leave now."

Kevin wrapped himself up in a blanket on the floor and said, "I'm a mummy!"  Olive thought it was funny, did the same thing to herself and then said, "Look, I'm a daddy!"  bahahahaha

Olive will ask permission to do things or come up with grand plans for the day.  Then she'll say, "Dust (just) let me know."  I really want to go to the li-berry, the muzim and Jimmy Johns.  Dust let me know."

Fletcher's reflux is a million times better than it was, but he still spits up occasionally.  He got a little choked and spit up goldfish everywhere.  Olive said, "Disgusting, mom!  We should change his name to Barfy Boy."

Does that make sense, mom?  is what she says to me when she asks for something.  "I want lots of raspberries for lunch - does that make sense, mom?"  "I hate wearing pants.  Does that make sense, mom?"

It was getting stormy one afternoon.  Olive looked out the window and said, "Those clouds are growling.  First they growl and then it rains."

She says me instead of I.  Me wants to go to the park.  Me doesn't like grapes.

Our neighbor came over to play in the backyard with Olive.  They were swinging and Olive was watching all the big girl things she could do.  After she left, Olive said, "Mom, that girl is amazing at that swinging stuff.  Me is not amazing."  I tried to remind her that she'd learn how to do it all someday soon.

dream = drain (Please dream the bath tub.)
fraquilas = (Mr. Tequilas is her favorite mexican place in FL so she often asks for fraquilas)
about = without (Don't leave about me!)
back and thorth = back and forth (I'm going to ride my scooter back and thorth)
lie-berry = library
mue-zim = museum
solitary = solitaire (Can I play solitary on your phone?)

Three year olds are hilarious.


  1. That's a great list. I hope she gets everything she wants. ;)

  2. I love it! Isn't it funny what comes out of their mouths, good and bad? :) Hard to believe she is already 4!

  3. So funny about the massage! And the wedding! Oh, Olive! Love it!

  4. I adore how cute, girly and pink/ purple this list it. I can't believer she is almost 4!!! I LOVE year 4.

  5. It's official. Celine and Olive are soul sisters! HA! Celine had a My Little Pony party for her 5th birthday last week- I got all of her "pony" goodies at Walmart- they have a great selection!! She is just the sweetest little thing- I can't wait to meet her!!!!

  6. Hooray for a mid-week date night! Those are always such a special treat!

    You guys have been BUSY this week, girl! I can't wait for your coffee cake recipe! I love coffee cake, but I've never made it.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I love these and can't wait for Fletcher's eventual additions!


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