Monday, July 11, 2016


It's been a while since I've documented all of the funny things that Olive says.  I keep a running list on my phone otherwise I'd never remember all the silly things that happen everyday.

What Olive Says...

humpy dumpy = Humpty Dumpty
hordible = horrible
cumbers = cucumbers
shashage = sausage
sham-boo = shampoo
pin-yan-oh = piano
two sums up = two thumbs up
strustrated = frustrated
dappa-dills = daffodils
macky cheese = mac & cheese
tar = guitar

If we are talking or being loud and Olive wants it to be quiet, she yells "STOP YOUR BOYCE!" Obviously boyce = voice and it's just as charming as it sounds.

Not at all mama is what she says if she really doesn't want to do something.  Would you like to go to run errands with me... not at all mama...

What's the hordible smell?  
Daddy must have tooted.

I can't alieve it = I can't believe it

I have always read that you should give kids two options and then let them have a choice when you can.  So I gave Olive two options of outfits to wear one day.  I asked her to choose the outfit she wanted to wear that day.  She looked at me dead in the eye and said I CHOOSE NO! and stormed off.  Then she refused to get dressed saying all clothes hurt her.  Hmmmm I didn't read about an I choose no option in those brilliant parenting articles.

We were driving on a road trip and Olive was napping in the back seat.  She woke up about 2 hours into the trip and said groggily, "Mama, What is dat beautiful music??"  It was Adele's Hello :)

I walked into Olive's room to find that she'd colored crayon art all over the front of her white dresser.  When I questioned her about it she beamed and said, "I made you some berry bootiful artwork!"

Her stomach growls and she says, "It sounds like my belly is hungry."

Her new favorite phrase:
I was wondering....

We were talking about using the potty and she got mad and said:

I asked her a couple of questions and the last one stumped her.  She tapped her lip and said, "Dat's a really good question!"

I asked her to do something and she responded with, "What are my options..."

I was rocking her to sleep and she wanted me to hold her closer.  She said, No, snuggle my face!

The kids have started taking baths together.  Olive likes to help me with Fletcher, but that's raised some questions.  She looked at him and then looked at me and said, "What is that little button for?"  Sheesh.  I had to say it wasn't a button, it's his privates.

The photographer was taking Fletcher's pictures.  She was moving around her studio gathering props and Olive asked me, "What's that ma'am doing?"

Randomly Olive will look me in the eyes and make me promise that I'll never go back to the hospital again.  She always tells me she missed me too much so I can't go back.  Sweet, but I hate that it was so hard for her when I went to the hospital to have Fletcher.

We pulled up to Qdoba for dinner one night.  We hadn't been in months and it sounded good.  Olive and I usually share meals and when she saw the sign she said, "But they don't have any black olives."  I couldn't believe she remembered that from the last time we were there and tried to order them for our burrito bowl. 

She's starting to growl, fold her arms and scowl when she gets mad.  She also sneaks into my make up any chance she gets to draw tiger stripes all over her face with my eye brow pencil.  I blame Daniel Tiger on both.

She's obsessed with mermaids and always asks me why would Ariel want legs when she already has a mermaid tail??

We're working hard on potty training and making good progress.  She's decided that she needs some space in the bathroom and she'll declare, "I need some PRIBACY please!" pribacy = privacy

I'll also include ten of my favorite pictures of her lately:

Oh Olive, we love you!!


  1. Oh, goodness! She says the cutest things!! And she looks so much like her mama - your mini me for sure!

  2. I laughed out loud at her refusal to get on the potty train! :) Too funny.

  3. She is the cutest! I can't believe how fast she is growing! Love her little sassy personality! ;)

  4. I loved the "What are my options?". That seriously had me cracking me. She is so funny! I'm with her about Aerial. Mermaid tail is way cooler! I bet she is a hoot! Who does she take after more with her personality?

  5. Oh my gosh. These are such great things that will be so fun to look back on! I can't even pick one that is my favorite - there are too many good ones!

  6. Oh my gosh this is the sweetest post ever. From the phrases and the Potty train ! AHHH So adorable and those photographs. So sweet.
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. She is just too much! I would love to spend the day with that sweet girl-I think she would have me laughing all day long!

  8. Just loved the whole blog today....Had me laughing and oohing and awing..GREAT PICTURES..You are quite a talented young lady....

  9. OMG great pictures, that little lady of yours is such a ham! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh Olive, those hazel eyes and silly phrases. She is just as funny as she is cute. I love these posts.


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