Thursday, July 14, 2016

County Fair 2016 - Animals, Airplanes and Angry Toddlers

The county fair is going on in our town this week and we were excited to go again this year.  It's one of the first things we did when we moved to town last year.  It is CRAZY to think how quickly this year has flown by for us and all that's happened for us.  Kevin scoped out the weather and we made plans to go on the coolest day of the week.  It was still HOT, but not terrible.

We started with the animal barns first since they were a favorite last year.  We've learned that when you go to an event with kids you've got to start with your favorite activities because you never know when you'll have to cut things short.  We planned to do the animals, register me to vote, get a snack and end with rides in under 2 hours.

 The Bunny Barn is always a crowd pleaser.
 Olive squealed, shrieked, ooooohhhh and aaaahhhhed through the whole thing.  She was in bunny heaven.

 She was thrilled to find a bunny that looked just like her beloved Bun Bun.

Time to see the pigs.  This year they were taking their pigs for walks and giving them baths while we were there.  It was pretty funny.  Then one started peeing in front of us and Olive nearly died.  She's been talking non-stop about the peeing pig all week long.  Lovely.

This pig was oinking and snorting like crazy and Fletcher couldn't figure out what was going on.  Then he decided to show the pig his piggies.

Man the goats were entertaining.  They were all really friendly and this goat was dying for a close up.  They wanted us to pet them and then would nibble on our things when we got close.  hahahaha

 The cows were hot and kept to themselves.  The horses were friendly as were the turtles, the chickens and the snakes.  Olive even wanted to touch one. 

 Next we headed towards the food and rides.  Olive was BEGGING to ride a ride.  She has never ridden a ride before so I'm not for sure where she got the idea of needing to ride one.  It was $1 ride night so we bought a few tickets.  She headed straight for the planes and that was that.  She was tall enough to ride and so Kevin got her all situated.  Then the ride began and she was no longer so excited about it.  It just spun in a slow circle, but she was grumpy about being stuck on that ride.  All the parents were giggling at her reaction and she could not be convinced to wave or crack a smile for her adoring family.  These pictures are hilarious to me because she was totally fine and totally MAD to be on the ride.  Luckily, it was short and Kevin hurried out to rescue when it stopped.  She told us later that she did not like that ride that made her belly hurt.  Point taken.

She'd been asking to ride the ferris wheel when we parked by it, but after her airplane ride of doom she no longer brought it up.

She saw the swings and thought they looked like fun.  Kevin asked if he could ride them with her and he was allowed to so off they went.  It took a while to load all of the kids.  Then when it started Olive looked mad.  It started swinging and going up and down a little bit.  She was unsure, but eventually ended up smiling and waving at me.  I guess having Daddy by your side makes all the difference.

 Rides are not my thing so I was thrilled to wait with Fletcher and snap pictures of these two.

 Olive and I shared an ice cream cone and we learned that we LOVE sprinkles on everything BUT our soft serve.  Ewwwww!  We took a few licks and then I scraped all the sprinkles off to enjoy a plain twist cone.  Lesson learned.

 We squeezed in one game, gave our last ride ticket to a cute kid waiting in line and then headed home.

Our sweaty little man was thrilled to be indoors.  I think the freezer cool down was the highlight of his 2016 County Fair trip.  hahahahaha  Sweet sweaty boy :)

Do you go to the county or state fairs in your state?  We try to go to both when we can and look forward to going every year.


  1. Freezer cool down :P. Oh he is precious. I am totally with you on the no sprinkles on soft serve to... it just is no bueno. Olive's face on the ride, SO funny! My girls have always been crazy adrenaline junkies... I just can't keep up with that in my "old age" I do one ride and I am DONE. Looks like a great time!

  2. Oh my goodness! Olive cracks me up!!! And of COURSE sprinkles taste great on everything except soft serve ice cream! Oh the logic of toddlers- gotta love them! I grew up going to the Illinois State fair every year-I know it's something my kids would love to do-we just have never been able to make it work with our schedule and when the fair is going on!

  3. Freezer cool down! Love it! I am a pretty simple soft serve girl, though I do like getting twist! Olive's face on that ride just kills me! I'm taking Wes on a solo day to our local amusement park in a few weeks and I'm anxious to see how it goes!

  4. We did the fair for the first time last year and Jack loved the rides. I do not so he didn't get it from me. Olive's face is cracking me up. I too hate spinkles on soft serve. It is so weird. I hope y'all have a great weekend!

  5. Oh my gosh, Olive was mean muggin' in that airplane. Girlfriend is full of sass.

  6. I cannot get over how funny these pics of Olive on the rides are! You seriously need to submit this as a meme somewhere. That's a phenomenally cute grumpy face, esp while doing something considered fun! bahaha Our local carnival starts in a week or so and I don't see our little miss scaredy cat being up for rides yet. She cried over Christmas was we saw Santa at the children's museum and we had to walk past a carousel and she was terrified of the animals. hahha

  7. Grumpy Olive is probably my favorite Olive, hahaha. Her expressions are priceless.


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