Friday, July 8, 2016

The Best Parts

Happy Friday!!  I am excited and really ready for the weekend.  We had a fun 4th of July and start to the week.  Then it went downhill from there.  Both of my kids were sick last week and I've been sick this week.  Thankfully my mom talked me into going to the doctor to get a diagnosis of ear infection and sinus infection and now I've got some medicine.  Here's to hoping for a quick recovery because taking care of two little people when you're sick is the worst.

// 1 //
4th of July
Our holiday in the Midwest was extra rainy with a side of dreary.  Not the kind of weather for outdoor activities or BBQs.  So we improvised and fixed festive food, wore patriotic colors, sang patriotic songs and did fun art projects.
 Fireworks & Flags

// 2 //
Red, White & Blue
I love dressing the kids up for the holidays so I took advantage of a short break in the rain to snap a few pictures.  I tried to have Olive hold Fletcher, but let's just say that wasn't working out so bumbo to the rescue.  The were both much happier with this arrangement.  I might have used puddle jumping as a bribe for sweet smiles for pictures.  It totally worked :)
 Fletcher's First Fourth
 Thankfully our dinner plans were indoors so we got to keep those.

 // 3 //
House Projects
Our new carpet got installed and we love it!  It's tricky to pick out gray carpet because we wanted to go lighter than our walls to brighten up the rooms and still find something in the right gray family.  We loved the color we went with and are so happy to have recarpeted the halls, bedrooms and library.  The wood floors are done so we moved the couch into the family room.  It's starting to feel homey. 

 // 4 //
We've had to get a little creative with date nights now that we're parents.  So one night this past week Kevin said you put the kids to bed and I'll go and get us BOGO Blizzards.  Sounds like a great deal to me!  Butterfinger for me and Oreo for him.

// 5 //
It's nearly impossible to get a sick day as a mom so I was really thankful Kevin could be home a lot to be Mr. Mom this week.  My Mom also came up to save the day yesterday.  I was feeling terrible and needed the help.  I've spent most of my adult life living far away from home so being able to have my mom come up for a sick day was such a treat.  My Dad came up to work on the house with Kevin and she came to my house with groceries, let me nap, took care of my kiddos and the kids had a blast.  I got to go to the doctor by myself at her urging and we had a great day.  Olive fell asleep at the dinner table and Fletcher appreciated the snuggles.  She texted me these pictures when I was at the doctor's office and I just felt so thankful.

// 6 //
Favorite Kid Pics of the Week 
Little man turned three months old and sprouted a dimple.
Kevin likes to tease Olive and she always makes this face and says DADDY!

Best posts of the week:

I hope you have a really great weekend!!
Do you have any fun plans in the works?
Kevin's birthday is tomorrow so we are kicking off a fun week of birthday festivities for him.


  1. So sorry you're sick. I'm glad your mom convinced you to get to the doc! Summer about rain on the 4th but it looks like you made the best of it!

  2. puddle jumping sounds like the best bribe ever!

  3. You and your Mom look so much alike. INSANE how much!!

  4. I'm sorry you are sick! Those 4th of July art pieces are so cute! I also love the idea of a Blizzard date. Feel better! Jess at Just Jess

  5. I'm so sorry you've all been sick!! I just had a sinus/ear infection too... Moms are not good about taking themselves to the Doctor! My husband had to pretty much force me to go because he was tired of hearing me say my face throbbed. :-) Hoping you a speedy recovery and some sunshine coming your way!

  6. UGH! So sorry to hear you have been sick!! I caught a nasty cold right when we got home from our vacation and you are right- it is not the most fun feeling yucky and still having to be super mom :) I have also never lived by my parents since leaving for college- and you are right- there is nothing better than having your own mom come and take care of you and your kids when you are feeling awful! So glad you got some much needed help and thankful your medication is helping you feel better! Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Those crafts are so adorable! Hope you have a great weekend and that you are clear of the sickness =0) Stopping over from the link up. Hope you can pop by my blog too!

  8. Sorry you've all been sick, that's no fun!
    Your new carpet and wood floors look so pretty! We've been living in rental houses for the last couple of years and the idea of having new floors sounds so nice! Also, you know you're an adult when you get excited about new flooring ;)
    How sweet of your husband to go get Blizzards for date night!
    Fletcher's little dimple is so cute! And Olive making that face! I still make that face at my dad sometimes ;)
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. I have to ask...were cut and slice cookies totally foreign to Miss Olive? :)

  10. It must have been the week for sickness. Me too hun. Can I just say that I want to squeeze that precious little Fletcher?!?! He is sooo cute! I love Olive's face over her water glass - I see the future! Haha. Yay for mamas and husbands coming to the rescue, mine did too this week and I am so thankful! xoxoxox Amanda

  11. I'm up super early this morning because I too have an ear infection. I believe mine came from too much pool time. I may possibly be heading to the doctor tomorrow if I can't home remedy the situation. Parents are so great and you have a great set. It is always great having help with the kids and your dad has been fantastic about helping with the house. I'm not sure how I missed Fletcher's birth story so I'm heading there next. Hope you are feeling better!

  12. Fletcher and his tongue just give me life. It's the best ever.

    I'm so excited about your house, your date night, and even your 4th celebration even though you couldn't do it outside. It's all so wonderful!

  13. That Olive expression is awesome. So glad you got such a great picture of it. Hope you are feeling better friend. Being sick in the summer is just the worst!

  14. I hate that you and the babies have been sick. I hope you all are on the mend. Your house looks beautiful and the babies do too! Such beautiful pictures. Thanks for linking up to H54F!



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