Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Save or Splurge: Shoes

I love buying shoes for my daughter, but she's become quite picky about what she wants on her feet.  She went through a rain boot stage all winter and now she's loving her Saltwater sandals.  I've purchased a pair for her every summer and they are my favorite.  They look great after being worn daily all summer.  They can get wet and still look great, they're comfy for her and they come in such cute colors.

I have been on the hunt for a good pair of shoes for her to play in the backyard, wear to the pool or in the sand box and not worry about.  I love the idea of Natives for kids and love the look of them.  But I just have never been able to click order after adding them to my Amazon cart probably ten different times.  They range from $30-40 a pair in the colors I wanted to buy for her.  They're darling shoes, have great reviews, but I just justify them right now.  Maybe one day in a gender neutral green or navy so she could pass them down to Fletcher??

I've found a great solution to SAVE!

These cute water shoes are from Meijer and they're currently on clearance for $6.  They have 4 different styles for girls and at least 3 different ones for boys.  

Olive can put them on herself.  

The glitter doesn't rub off on you when you touch them.  

They rinse off after a fun day of playing outside 

and she gets compliments on them wherever we go.  

I ended up spending about 5 or 6 times less than I would have if I would've bought her Natives and she loves them.  She opted to sleep in them her first night so I'd say she's a fan.

Where do you find great deals on shoes? 
I've had great luck with $12 rain boots at Meijer and these shoes.


  1. Sending my husband to our local Meijer to look for the shoes today! Love the glitter and I totally agree with you -it's hard to spend a lot on shoes when you know they're going outgrow them so quickly and wear them so hard!

  2. Lol she slept in them?! Oh Olive you are the cutest. Now I kinda wish we had a Meijer. That's a great price.

  3. Both of the older girls have the same shoes in purple, we got them from our Meijer. They are our Holiday World shoes..

  4. I typically buy nice shoes for Jack because they hold up better with a wild child like Jack. Plus, Jack's feet are really sensitive and has to have something comfortable. However, Walmart has these brown sandles that we buy each summer that are $10. I always end up buying two pair because he is rough on them but for $10 it isn't too bad. I try to be mindful and put Jack in a hand me down pair of crocs before we head outside. I love how easily they clean up. They are red, and don't always match his outfit, but they were free and so comfortable.

  5. I agree that the Saltwater sandals are worth the $30 or $35 price tag. Vivian wears hers a lot, and they still look great. But I've been the same way with the Natives - I just haven't been able to do it! Last year, Old Navy had some Native DUPES - they looked just like the real thing, and were only $12! Caleb wore his all the time, and I loved being able to spray them clean when they got dirty. Hoping they bring them back again!

  6. Those are so cute and definitely worth the savings! Kiddos go through shoes so quickly it's not worth it in the end spending a ton of money.

  7. We splurged on the Natives... but they are the only pair of sandals Austin has so he wears them pretty much everyday, and even wears them with socks when the weather is cooler, so hopefully he'll get a lot of wear out of them! I've never been able to find good cheaper deals on shoes... I with we had a Meijer here because those are so cute!

  8. I love shopping Meijer. I go about once or twice a month and seriously just shop around, with nothing in mind, just picking up whatever clearance and sale items that tickle my fancy.

  9. I'm playing blog catch up so I'm late to the party. I too love the look of native shoes but wasn't feeling up to the price tag and LOVE the look-a-likes I got for Lawter via amazon. They're by iplay and were like $10 and she's wearing the heck out of them. They stay on like a tennie which I love because she trips over her flip flops often but can get wet with her and we wash them in the sink almost nightly because she fills them with mulch at daycare : )


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