Thursday, July 28, 2016


 Lots of random confessions for you today...

Topher is naughty.  He loves to eat all kinds of things that are not food and then get sick.  It's his most annoying trait.  He loves the taste of roses and nibbles on my artificial plants.  I regularly text my sister and say that I'm putting him up for adoption.  I'm only kind of kidding.  How do you train a cat to stop eating things?

I was carrying Fletcher in his car seat through a crowded restaurant.  He's a solid 15lbs + car seat so it's a lot with the diaper bag.  I made my way through the place and headed to the door.  Some college guys were walking in and the last one stopped to hold the door open for me.  I thanked him and he said, "You're welcome M'am."  I instantly felt like an old lady.  Surely it hasn't been that many years since I was a college kid.

Olive is going through an extra bossy phase lately.  She's got strong opinions about everything and forgets to use her manners as she's shouting demands.  She was playing with my mother in law and Olive informed her that "You have to be obedient and do what I say" when she wasn't going along with Olive's plan.  I guess she's listening to what we are saying to her and has quickly learned to apply our rules to benefit her.

We went out to dinner the other night and I'm 99% sure that the only thing Olive ate was ketchup.  She's getting pickier and doesn't seem to eat as well when we are out to eat (unless it's Mexican food then she'll literally lick her plate)

I got caught throwing away Olive's art work recently.  She went to throw something away and saw it laying on top.  She said, "Dis is my art.  How'd that silly art get in there??"  I played dumb and hung it back up on the fridge.  Guess I need to bury that art work in the trash next time.

We moved to Indiana a year ago and I kept meaning to register to vote.  Well it never happened and I couldn't vote in the primary.  Turns out Indiana was important in the presidential race.  Now our governor is the VP candidate with Donald Trump so I got my act together and registered to vote.  Glad that's taken care of so I'll be ready when November rolls around.

I have been meaning to get my hair cut, well really trimmed, for a while now.  It's been too long and I haven't had a cut since last summer.  Over a year.  Yikes!  I have had a string of bad haircuts over the last few years and it's a lot of work to find someone you like to cut your hair when you move to a new city every single year.  So I keep putting it off.  Oh and I am not about to take the kids with me during the day so I need to A. find somewhere to get my hair cut and B. plan to get my hair cut when Kevin can hang out with the kids.  Wish me luck.

I never had any gray hairs before having kids.  The more kids I have the more gray hairs I find.  Bummer.  I've never colored my hair so I'm feeling anxious knowing that the time is coming to figure out the world of hair color because I have no plans of going gray in my 30s.  I also had to buy inserts for my shoes last week because my heels were hurting.  I'm getting old :)

I wish money grew on trees and I could just go to Lowes and pick out new appliances :)  We have a new washer and dryer that we got last year and bought a microwave a few months ago.  I'd love a new dishwasher, stove and fridge, but we'll just have to wait and replace them as needed.  Too many house projects and too little money.

We had big plans to swim often, meet up with friends and do lots of fun things this summer.  I feel like our house and moving has taken up all of our free time for June & July.  So that means we've got to pack a lot of fun stuff into August to make up for super productive months prior to that.

Several times lately Fletcher has been crying in public like at the dinner table when we're out to eat and neighboring tables have leaned over to see what all the fuss is about.  They smile and say just how precious he is.  He's bright red and screaming his head off.  I'm sweating and trying my best to calm him before he ruins someone's dinner.  It's hard to see the situation as precious, but I appreciate their nice comments vs please get your baby under control comments.

I love helping people decorate their homes.  I really enjoy picking out home decor, shopping for rugs, curtains and pulling a room together.  My in laws are working on putting the finishing touches on their condo in Florida so I had fun helping pick out things for their place.  We picked out new place mats, table runners, items to style the shelves with and art for the walls.  Olive photo bombed about half of these pictures.  I'll give you a little tour.  I'm not a huge fan of overly beachy decorated places so I think this once feels vacationy without shoving shells down your throat

Do you have any good stories or confessions for me today??


  1. Some of these made me giggle. I definitely have to bury the boys' art in the garbage can. I don't have any grays yet, but when I find them, I'm getting my hair dyed! I can't wait. Is that funny or what?

  2. I am going to start a novel...just warning you.

    First I say that boy was just taught well by his mama. He saw a lady carrying a baby and his manners kicked into high gear... but yeah, I always feel old when I get the ma'am. My girls were always BIG and outgrew those crazy carriers way to soon too, that was annoying.

    Secondly. Holy gray hairs. Something happened when I turned 30. That was also the year we started homeschooling but WOAH! I now dye my hair a really dark brown every once in a while to rid them for a bit. It is pretty dark for a few weeks but fades to be my natural color.

    I also haven't had a hair cut. It has been 15 months for me I think. That will change in a few weeks though I plan to cut and dye hoping to make myself feel like I got a mini makeover :P.

    Olive totally sounds like another little girl I know, Marissa. First born females for you. All that power goes to their head and I STILL have to remind her that I am the mama and not her. I think that is my fault though. I would ask her to help with things as she got older and those mother instincts are strong even in littles. She just assumed this somewhat helper/mothering role that was cute and sometimes very helpful but as she got older it began to look more like bossing her sister around. We have talks now about how her only responsibility is to be a kid, that is all.

    Happy almost Friday!

  3. All I have to say is that Olive would fit right in with my 3 girls! They could all boss each other around- ha! We are not lacking in personality or confidence at our house!! :)

  4. My gosh your home!!! I love it! Can I just say so much of what you wrote I can totally say to you with all honesty - I get it? I do. Olive is turning into a sure fire little girl! What you said reminds me of when my own daughter was three years old! Unfortunately, her sass has gotten quite strong over the years. I feel like my soon to be 9 year old is more like a soon to be 15 year old!!! Girls are great but they are truly a piece of work! Ketchup - yes. My son lives off ketchup. Grays - they cover my head and it is a good thing I can rock blonde hair because otherwise I'd be an OLD LADY! HA! Well according to my hair but not my birth year or spirit. I haven't had a hair appointment since May 12th. I'm scary! I am in terrible need of color and now a cut. Eeek! See, love you aren't alone :) There's a whole population of us cheering you on!

  5. Jack is the same way when it comes to Mexican food. If I've felt like he has been really picky lately I'll pick up Mexican just so I don't feel like he is starving. He also enjoys breakfast food so it is a good option also. You did a great job decorating the condo for the inlaws. I found my first gray hair at 23 so I've been coloring this hair for awhile. If I can I get it professionally done and it lasts longer. If you buy over the counter buy something that says ash in the name because it will keep it from looking too different. I love confessions!


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