Monday, July 18, 2016

July $10 Target Haul

I found some really great things at Target this month.  I had no problem at all spending my $10 on back to school things for Olive in the Dollar Spot.  I walked in the door and had the majority of my budget spent in just a few minutes.  #targetproblems

Back to School Items - $1 each = $6
4 board books
2 puzzle pairs
fruit ropes $3

I figured both would be perfect for my three year old to do some preschool activities at home this year.  The board books will be a fun vocabulary builder for her and the counting, matching, color and shape puzzles will be more of a challenge.  She'll not only have to identify the matches, she will have to follow that up with putting together the puzzle.  I'm exciting for her to work on that challenge.  The quality is great for all of these and I would have expected to pay much more for them at a teacher supply store.  Hurry in to check out their back to school items!!

 We also picked up a box of our very favorite fruit ropes.  They're always on a cartwheel deal and they are so good.  Olive and I both enjoy eating them for a snack.  All flavors are delish.

I came in $1 under budget which is great!!  I'm excited about my finds this month and am really looking forward to seeing what these sweet ladies found for their Target Hauls.  I was TEMPTED to buy 4th of July clearance, toddler clearance clothes and some fingernail polish this month.

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  1. Love those books! Those are so great to keep tucked away in your diaper bag-when you're out and about and the kids need a little distraction!!

  2. Great haul. I love the matching puzzles! I need to look at those for Wes!

  3. oh those look like a yummy snack! I should take a better look at the school stuff next time. I did before and didn't find anything I really wanted, but I think they restocked it.

  4. I love those fruit ropes, didn't know they were on Cartwheel, so picking up next time I'm at Target!

  5. Love your picks. I grabbed some puzzle pairs like those years ago and my girls still play with them ALL the time.

  6. Dang, I was in Target the other day and didn't see those match pieces. I would love to get the counting one. Great finds!

  7. The dollar spot has been on point recently! Great finds!

  8. I like seeing others who shop the One Spot. I mean... it's the best ever!


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