Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Welcome to the County Fair

The county fair happened to be going on the week we moved to Indiana so we figured we should go and check it out.  We looked at the weather for the week to figure out which night would be the coolest to go.  We headed to the fair in the late afternoon, ate lots of snacks, saw tons of animals and left when things were starting to get busy for dinner.

We didn't spend a fortune because...
We paid $5 to park, no admission fees and shared our snacks.
I brought a cup and snack for Olive
and we went home for dinner.
No one felt like we missed out on anything.

The barns were Olive's favorite.
Most animals were interested and she made all the animal noises she knew.
If she didn't know what sound the animal made, she mooooooo'd at them :)

 The Bunny Barn was bursting with adorable bunnies down at her level.
She giggled her way through the place.
 There were some HUGE bunnies on display.

 Another barn with farm animals:

 We shared a funnel cake (my favorite)
got a Lemonade shake up and a coke.

 Kevin (AKA The Fun Parent) thought Olive would love to play a game.
I said she was too young.
He was right and I was wrong.
She LOVED the duck pond.
Good thing Olive has a fun parent.
 There were two frogs in the pond and she scooped them out first.
She was supposed to get five things out,
but she was the only kid playing so they let her keep going.

 We found a new, bigger bunny to take home with us.
She was thrilled.

 Our first of many county fairs in our new city.
Olive was too busy stealing a giant slurp of my lemonade shake up to take a picture with me.  
Sneaky little thing :)

Do you go to the county fairs in your city?
We are hoping to make it to the Indiana State Fair next month :)


  1. Oh you can tell how much fun y'all had! It's great that the weather was so wonderful. We are getting a cold front tomorrow so it's going to be a high of 94. Y'all are really getting out and about in your new town which is so great. I'm excited to take Jack to the fair this year. I think he'll finally be able to understand a little better. I'm excited for when he can ride his first fair ride. This year it just might happen.

  2. Now that you live in terre haute, you have to visit the Covered Bridge Festival in the fall. Lots of fun things to do and shop for! Hope you are all settling into the new town! - Stacy (Fox)

  3. This post is so fun for me - I was in 4H all the way through junior high school so I spent a good amount of time in those animal barns! I showed sheep (which my husband thinks is hilarious) and loved it. And where else can you get a tenderloin sandwich besides Indiana! Glad you all had a good time - there's nothing like a good county fair!

  4. So cute! When we had our fair, the weather was rainy all week. It's sad not very many people go to ours anymore. I really want to go to the State Fair this year since its the Year of the Farmer!

  5. It looks like Olive had so much fun! I need to see if there is a fair around here. Seems like a really fun thing to do in the summer! I know Olivia would love the duck game just like Olive. Love her little shoes!!


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