Friday, January 1, 2016

The Highlights

Our post Christmas week was nice and relaxing.  We were still enjoying some last bits of Christmas cheer while getting back into our regular routines.  I got caught up on things around the house and Olive played with her new toys all week long.  My thank you notes are going in the mail today and I'm ready to start a new year.

The best parts of our week were:

1. It's gotten really cold in the Midwest and I couldn't be happier.  I'm 25 weeks pregnant this week and am always boiling hot.  I can't wait to wear my new cardigans, scarves, booties and layers.  I told myself I didn't need any new scarves this year and then this scarf I'd been admiring all season long from Old Navy went on super clearance for under $5.  Merry Christmas to me!!  I'll be wearing it all weekend and for the rest of the winter.
 We let Olive pick out her new shoes in the hopes that it would inspire her to actually want to wear shoes.  She insisted on these leopard Keds.  They're adorable and I'd like to have a pair in my size.

 2. I didn't get a ton of new ornaments this year, but this one is easily my favorite.  I love personalized ornaments so I was eager to pick out one for our soon to be family of FOUR.  It looks darling on the tree and the sweet lady who personalized it did a great job.

3. My bloggy friend Whitney from Come Home for Comfort has recommended these Chocolate Chex several times so I decided to pick them up this week.  They are amazing!!  They are toddler approved and pregnant lady approved.  We've almost eaten a whole box in just a few days.

 4. We got some really fun Christmas presents this year.  
Our favorites were:
Whitney: new Kate Spade, 50mm camera lens, accessories, cardigans & pjs
Olive: kitchen, instruments, baby boy doll, play food and Sheriff Callie toys
Kevin: Nespresso coffee maker, coffee, coins and new dress clothes

 5. I made a Target run after Christmas to pick up some fun clearance items.  We got baby brother a Santa hat and Christmas pacis for next Christmas, picked up some impossible to break ornaments for the toddler's tree, baking supplies and 3T leggings for Olive who's outgrowing everything these days.  Target leggings are my very favorite so we always stock up.  Did you find any great things on after Christmas clearance sales??  I waited until the 28th to scope things out and there was still lots of good stuff.

Hope you have some fun plans for your weekend!
We plan to watch as much college football as possible.  Notre Dame's bowl game is at lunch time today so we're excited to cheer on the Irish.  We're hoping to visit with some family and friends and stay warm with this cold snap.  I think it might really feel like winter in the Midwest this week.  I'm anxious for our first big snow.  Olive has never seen snow before so I cannot wait!!


  1. I was shocked at how much our Targets had left over! We scored some serious deals on Christmas decor, wrapping accessories and tote type boxes! I love personalized ornaments! This year we decided to start a tradition of getting one done every year! Happy 2016 love!


  2. I'm loving those Keds also. I'm thinking I need some cute Keds too. After Christmas I got lots of bath stuff. I love the crayola bath markers and the fun colored soaps.
    For myself I scored some great smelling body splash. I'll be watching the Notre Dame game today. I love bowl games! Arkansas plays tomorrow and we are cooking several yummy game day foods.
    Happy New Year!

  3. You are going to LOVE that scarf! I have the same one and wear it all the time :) And you can't beat it on clearance price! Happy New Year to your family!!

  4. I'm so glad you enjoyed the Chocolate Chex! It's the perfect cross between breakfast and dessert. Loved seeing what you got for Christmas - fun stuff! I can't wait to hear what Olive thinks of snow. Hope you get some soon!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  5. Our Target was so picked over! You found some great things! That Old Navy scarf is just beautiful. Happy New Year!


  6. Sounds like a great week! That chocolate Chex looks super yummy! It was fun seeing your Christmas gifts and your great scarf! Happy New Year!

    Visiting from the link up! Ashley @

  7. Does buying clearance candy and cookie dough count? Haha. I have a terrible habit of buying the seasonal M&Ms once they're on sale.

  8. You'll love the 50 mm lens! That was such a great deal on your scarf, and Olive has great fashion sense!

  9. oh you're going to love your 50mm! Love O's shoes, adorable! When you find them in your size, pick me up a pair!

  10. Love those Keds, that scarf, GAH! Wish I had one just like it.

    I am curious to hear your thoughts on the nifty fifty (your lens) I love mine but honestly don't use it as much as I thought I would. I find it a bit trickier to focus and rarely use it inside because of the distance I have to keep.... but I do love the bokeh I get from it. Anyways I could go on and on forever.


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