Thursday, January 7, 2016

And He Will Be Called....

 Baby brother officially has a name and we are ready to share it....

His name is:

 We have yet to decide on a middle name for him, but have been calling him Fletcher for months.  Olive has pretty well mastered saying Baby Fletcher even though it sometimes comes out Bletcher.  We'll work on that.  Thankfully we still have a few months to finalize his full name.

We fell in love with the name Fletcher back when I was pregnant with Olive in 2012.  

If she had been a boy, she would have been Fletcher.  It's always been our front runner boy name and we've loved it for years.  We loved that it was unique like Olive, fun, not super common and I love names that end with -er.  Our boy cats are Oliver and Topher so it's no surprise that we really like the way those er endings sound.

Naming a baby is a big responsibility.  You want to choose a name you love and that you think will suit your child for their entire life.  No pressure - haha.  Kevin and I had a pretty easy time agreeing on baby names both times.  Sure we both liked some names that the other did not, but overall we agreed.  We learned some important truths in the process: 

Choose a name you love even if you don't get rave reviews.  Make sure you and your husband are thrilled with the name because it's YOUR baby.  Don't listen to nay sayers and try hard not to get your feelings hurt when people dislike the name you choose (warning: this is easier said than done).  Be CONFIDENT and ENJOY making this big decision with your spouse!!

My cute husband surprised me with some Fletcher themed Christmas gifts this year.  He hunted around on-line until he found the best gifts for me.  The first one was a vintage can of FLETCHER brand baby powder made with OLIVE oil.  I love that it has both of our kid's names on it and was super impressed with this special find.  It's definitely going on display in his nursery.

He also found this darling Fletcher the Fox series of children's books for me.  I consider myself pretty fluent in children's books after teaching for 10 years, but I'd never heard of this author or this series.  I can't wait to display these in his nursery and read them to him.  They're full of cute woodland creatures and great illustrations.  Olive loves the bunny pages - no surprise :)  We also added an F ornament to our tree this year.

Here's a throwback to the post where we announced Olive's name in 2013

Can't wait to meet our little guy in 13 weeks or less :)

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  1. I love your selection! Fletcher is actually a common last name where I'm from. You're hubby was so thoughtful and so on point with his gifts!

  2. Love that name!! I'm a teacher and have yet to encounter a Fletcher, so it's unique to me!!

  3. I love it! Fletcher is a really cool name for a boy, and it goes well with "Jordan." Major husband points to Kevin for those awesome gifts! Thanks for sharing the fun news with us!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  4. I love it! It is unique but not odd. So cool that Kevin found you Fletcher items. I just know Fletcher's room is going to be adorable. I'm a librarian and I've never seen that Fletcher book series. Go Kevin!

  5. Love!! It's an adorable name and I like that it is not super common right now. Plus, Olive and Fletcher - it has a nice ring to it! :) I feel you on choosing a name being a LOT of pressure, I don't even know where to start!

  6. Love the name! And what you said is spot on. Pick what you love! Your husband is so sweet to find those gifts. They are awesome and something you can all treasure. Prayers for your final 13 weeks (or less!)!!! -Jessica, Sweet Little Ones

  7. I LOVE his name! Seriously! Love!


  8. That was so awesome of your husband!!!! So thoughtful, I love it! Very cute name... and I agree to pick what you love. I got a little flack on our youngest son's name (Owen) because it's fairly popular and I got the whole "you're going to regret that when there is a room of Owen's in his school..." but whatever. We loved it, and it was the only name we agreed on!

  9. I love the theme named gifts! Pretty cool idea!

  10. I am loving those names! It is a little funny to me because both are family names in my family. My favorite aunt is Olive and my great grandmother was Olive. I also have 2 cousins named Fletcher. It is not everyday that you hear these names...Love it!!!

  11. Love!!! I love hearing unique names. So excited for you guys!

  12. Love the name and LOVE that antique container. Did he know what he was looking for, that is just so crazy and awesome!

    Our boy name for both girls was Andrew Russell looks like we won't be needing that one!

  13. Oh I love that name and those gifts/decor for his room is just precious. Connor was always our number one boy name and for a girl I loved Evie and my husband loved Zoe so it's a good thing we are done because if we were to have a girl, she'd be nameless.

  14. Such sweet gifts! An a Fletcher was an arrow maker if you want more decor ideas!

  15. apparently I did some skipping around last week and am playing catch up now! So cute, love this! Congrats on having your name - that's big stuff right there!!!


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