Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday Talk: Goals for 2016

I love making lists and writing out goals for myself.  Last year, I published monthly goals most months to hold myself accountable and to get things done.  It worked pretty well to help motivate me so I'm doing it again this year.  I'll write the goals the first week of the month and then recap how I did the following month.  These are my big goals to work on all year long.  I'm hoping to hit the nesting phase of pregnancy ASAP and knock several of these things out.  The others are more long term goals to improve on all year long.

My Goals for 2016:
starting NOW

1. Start and Finish Olive's scrapbook of highlights for the last 2.5 years.  I have all the supplies, but have been putting it off using the fact that I haven't printed pictures in ages to delay this project.  I take tons of photos and have well documented her little life on the blog.  So I'm going to print off fun posts, include handwritten messages and get busy before baby brother arrives in April.

2. Scrapbook my teaching career.  I was blessed to teach 2nd/3rd grade for nine years when we lived in Salt Lake City.  I LOVED my job and want to document that time in my life.  I already have the pictures and supplies, have a huge file of encouraging notes from students and parents to include and just need to put it together.  It shouldn't take that long and I think it's something I'll treasure forever.

3. House Hunt.  We are renting a condo this year and are hoping to find the perfect home for us this Spring.  This will involve on-line research, touring homes, saving and making some big decisions.  I can't wait to take this next step in our new city.

4. Get moving!  I've been wearing and using my FitBit for almost one year and I really love it.  I recently changed my daily goal to 9,000 steps because I was having trouble consistently hitting the 10,000 mark.  This change was so good for me and I find myself working hard to get my steps in each day.  I could always improve my water intake and make sure I'm eating more real food and less processed food.  I do all the grocery shopping and meal planning so I'm going to work hard to incorporate more salads, healthy food options and colors into our daily diet.

5. Find a church home.  We've visited 5 different churches so far and none of them seem like good options for our family.  Praying we will find a great church option that has a strong kid's program and young families that we can make friends with in our area.

6. Blog goals: I started posting less half way through this year and focused more on quality over quantity. I've loved the change and am going to shoot for 5 posts a week in the new year with a little maternity leave of sorts once baby brother makes his debut.  I'm continuing hosting the Tuesday Talk link up with friends and looking forward to using my DSLR camera more and more regularly.  This blog is one of my favorite hobbies and I am so thankful you read it :)

7. Kid Goals: Potty train Olive.  We've been talking it up for months, but have never really been that serious about it.  She's showing more and more signs of being ready so wish us lots of luck and not a lot of messes.  Move her out of her crib.  She LOVES her crib and would likely stay in it until she's ten.  We're hoping for a smooth transition sometime this Spring so baby brother can move into the crib.  I'm also hoping to have an uneventful last 14 weeks of my 2nd pregnancy and deliver a sweet baby boy this Spring.

8.Work hard to make new friends and new connections in our new city this year.  I've mentioned it before, but it is always a challenge for me to establish new friends when you move to a new city/state.  It's hard work, but well worth the effort.

9. Make the most of my Fringe Hours instead of binge watching the DVR, mindlessly scrolling through apps on my phone and vegging out.  I'd love to read for fun, practice my chalk lettering, break out my sewing machine, grow & promote my etsy shop of accessories, paint my nails, go for walks, travel and spend time with my family.

10. Be encouraging to those around me and be a light for the Lord.  I love to send cards, care packages, bake, fix dinners and make friends so this year I'd love to step out of my comfort zone and do more for others.  I envision making new friends, couple friends, meeting neighbors, getting to know Kevin's co-workers and building community.

What are your personal goals for 2016?
Did we have any in common??
I shared my one little word for 2016 - INVITE - yesterday so head over to that post to read my thinking behind selecting that word for the year.

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  1. I think these are all really great goals to have, and to strive for!

  2. Great goals. My fitbit goal is 8,000 and I find that manageable for me. I will probably up it once it gets warm out. I also need to get better at drinking water! I'm with you on making more of my fringe hours, too. I waste it away sometimes!


  3. great goals girl!! i need to get a fitbit!

  4. Wonderful goals! Keep us posted on the scrapbooking - I'm always in awe of that! Baby Boy's arrival is coming right up! So excited for you all!

    One of my big goals is to get moving again. My entire life I've been a 5 day a week exerciser, but since we moved to Texas, not AT ALL. Partly due to the fact that we sold our treadmill but that doesn't explain why I'm not using my many DVDs. ANYWAY, I'm off to a good start these last several weeks, so hopefully I reestablish my exercising habit.

    Another goal is to work toward a major kitchen renovation. Like knocking down walls and ceilings, etc. I'm am so nervous about this - it seems too big! My goal is to organize our goals, track down the right people to help us achieve the goals and get to work. :)

    Ahh, I could go on and on, but maybe I should write my own blog post, eh? ;-) Happy Tuesday, sweet Whitney!

  5. My step goal is 8500. Some days it's totally doable and I knock it out of the park but I have lazier days and usually hit around 7,000-7,500 but I know that as long as I have a good balance of diet and exercise then I have great tools in place.

    Good luck with househunting. We have plans to move in the next 2 years or so, so I wish good house karma on you!

  6. So many amazing goals Whitney. I absolutely love the use of fringe hour time and the last one about being an encouragement. I also didn't know you had an Etsy shop?! What's in it. I need to find it!

    You are bound to have an amazing year, I can't wait to follow along.

  7. I think your goals align really well with your word for 2016. What an inviting year you are bound to have. Scrapbooking can really be a task (even if you have everything). It isn't something you can mess around with and then put back up because you need to be able to work on it a little each day. Maybe you can set up a scrapbooking spot until you get both of them done. I need to lower my number of steps goal. Not being able to hit 10,000 each day makes you feel like such a failure. Maybe I should try like 8,000 steps until I get more in the habit of walking.

  8. Great goals! I can't imagine how hard it is to move into a completely new city. So I'll be praying for you as you look for a new house, church, and good friends. Your word (which I love by the way) fits perfectly with your goals. I'm looking forward to seeing how you use it and accomplish your goals this year! -Jessica, Sweet Little Ones

  9. Love your goals, those are great!!
    And, loved getting to know you more!
    Here is my post..no goals yet, but an intro:

  10. I'm with you on the #5 goal. I'm praying for God's direction here too. Terrific goals you've set.

  11. Love all the scrapbooking goals! I just got a fitbit and once I can kind the time to set it up I can't wait to set goals on that each day too!

  12. These are all great (and totally attainable!) goals! Improving my photography is going to be number 1 for me - my new camera should arrive today :) - and digging deeper into my faith. Can't wait to follow along on your 2016 adventures!


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