Thursday, January 21, 2016

Good Reads

I've got a great list of blog posts, books and articles to share with you today.

Here are my favorite reads from the last month:

I've always wanted to organize a Capsule Wardrobe for myself because I love the appeal of mixing and matching clothes you know are flattering and feel good in.  Pinch of Yum wrote a great step by step tutorial on how to get everything up and running.

Jess always plans the sweetest birthdays for her kids and I loved her latest Mike Mulligan themed birthday party dessert of Dirt Pudding Trifle.  Can't wait to make it for my family.

Keri wrote a great post about the importance of Saying YES to Your Children.  It's inspiring and gives a fun outlook to the start of a new year of parenting highs.

I loved Kate from The Small Things Blog's tutorial on The Messy Bun.  She always makes hair styles look so effortless and great.

Katie just wrote an amazing post on 10 Things To Do for Your Blog in the New Year.  They are all so doable, she provides links to explain and several of her items are on my to do list to elevate my blog in the coming year.

I enjoyed this article on Jumble Joy about a shelter cat that was saved and became a cat nurse to all of the other animals recovering from surgery at the vet's office.

Jessica wrote the sweetest 10 Month Bump Date Adoption Style this week.  She's the proud mama of three and I loved her take on bump dates via adoption.  Such a sweet, creative way to document the addition to her family and it's probably my favorite post she's ever written. 

My friend wrote about the concept of Adding Something in her lessons in fashion series.  I loved her thinking and her photos really show the benefit of adding something to an outfit to complete the look.  It's given me a good challenge when I'm putting together outfits.

I've always wanted to make my own jelly and Carolina Charm made it sound so easy.  I love the idea of making it and sharing it with friends.  I'd probably give raspberry a try since it's my favorite and would love to give it out to friends with a fresh loaf of bread for Valentine's Day.

I loved reading Annie's post about Designer Secrets: Twinning.  It's such a simple idea that really pulls a room together.  I'll be keeping this in mind once we start decorating a new house.

Hilari always shares yummy recipes on her blog and instagram so I'm anxious to try out her Almond Banana Baked Oatmeal Muffins.  I'd make a few changes since we don't have to worry about paleo, gluten free, vegan, but they sound like a good breakfast option.

Jess wrote a great post about How to Avoid Looking Like A Tired, Old Mom and shared her favorite make up products to help combat dark circles and a tired face.  I'm eager to try the drugstore concealer and the high beam brightener she recommended.

These Cheesy Bacon Tots from Six Sister's Stuff sound like the perfect appetizer for all the football watching we'll be doing between now and the Super Bowl.

I am on the launch team for Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World by Kristen Welch.  I enjoyed the book a lot and it gave me many things to think about and reevaluate for my own family.  The books makes you think about wants vs needs and expectations that you're establishing with your kids.  The book encourages you to make choices for your own family and not get sucked into doing what everyone else is doing.  You'll find yourself highlighting and taking notes throughout the entire book.  I'd highly recommend picking up a copy of it today.
I just finished up The Dude's Guide to Marriage by Darrin and Amie Patrick this week.  I was intrigued by the title and hoped to read some good, bible based marriage advice to apply to my own marriage.  The author is a pastor and he and his wife worked on the book together.  I enjoyed hearing his perspective on ways guys could love their wives well.  I found myself taking notes in the margins of things that I could do to love my husband well.  It brought on some great conversations with my husband about his thoughts on things and was a great book to open up dialogue in our marriage.  I'd definitely recommend this book as a fun book club to do with your hubby or small group as long as you are both look for ways you can jointly improve your marriage.
*I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review of it.

Have you read or written anything you've loved this month??
Share the link with me in the comments.


  1. Thank you for including my post!! :) Now I'm off to do lots of reading here!

  2. I always love these posts from you. I walk away every time with great new blogs to follow.

  3. So many great posts! You should totally give canning a try. I LOVE it. I make all kinds of jams, apple butters, tomato sauce, salsa and jellies, have for years. You'd be really goo at it. I'm just sure of it!

  4. I love the post about saying yes to our children. And SO need to stop looking like a tired old mom. I blame it now on the fact that no shirts fit - but I know it'll only be worse post having a newborn. So I think that concealer will help. Love these ideas!


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