Monday, July 27, 2015

Highs and Lows of MOVING

It feels good to get back into my blogging routine.  I've missed y'all :)
I thought I'd catch you up on our life these past few weeks
with a HIGH and LOW round up.

LOW: When we were unloading the moving truck at our new place, we realized that our trash can had been loaded in the moving truck FULL of trash.  Like the last load of refrigerator trash.  Sick!!!  So our trash can flew all over the moving truck and ended up upside down leaking disgusting trash juice everywhere.  We had to do some serious cleaning as we unloaded those first few items.  Helpful moving hint: Make sure your trash can is EMPTY before it gets loaded on the truck.

HIGH:  I did a much better job labeling, sorting and packing things this time around.  I guess the 5th big move is the charm for figuring this stuff out.  I presorted all of my kitchen gear, clothes and household goods so that some things went straight to the garage for storage and the necessities came inside.  It was a great system and I will probably do a blog post with helpful moving hints.

LOW: We ordered new wingback recliner chairs for our family room as a birthday/anniversary gift to ourselves.  They are going to be so pretty, but we won't see them for 6-8 weeks.  Lazy Boy was having a super Christmas is July sale so it'll be nice to finally get the chairs this Fall.  They'll definitely be worth the wait...

HIGH: It's exciting to move to a new city and find new favorites.  We've already claimed some new restaurants as favorites and have a list of places we'd like to try.

LOW: It takes about a year to feel comfortable navigating a city, learning short cuts and feeling confident being out and about.  Guess I'll look forward to that feeling next summer.

HIGH: Olive got to go to the county fair in our new city.  She loved it and had a blast greeting all of the farm animals.  She neighed at nearly every animal and thought they were hilarious.  It was 80 degrees and breezy the night we went which was basically summer perfection.

LOW: There are lots of trains coming through our new city and some tracks near our house.  They are loud and pretty busy at all hours of the night.  Olive thinks it's Thomas the Train and his friends swinging by our house to say hello... haha.  Glad she finds it so entertaining.

HIGH: We like the area of the city we live in and are finding fun things close by to do.  We purchased a new stroller for Olive and are eager to start exploring on foot.

LOW: I can't find my cutting board, missing a pair of shoes and our propane tank to our grill.  Guess I need to keep digging.

HIGH: We've already gotten to see a lot of family since nearly our entire family is in a two hour radius of our new place.

LOW: We have to start the church search {again}.  This one makes me especially sad because we LOVED our church in Mississippi.  They had amazing kids programs, things for moms and TONS of programs to get involved with.  Olive adored her teachers and her classroom.  I'm slightly anxious about dropping her off in a nursery full of strangers yet again.

HIGH: We were reunited with our cats about a week ago.  Topher usually hides for a solid week after we move, but not this time.  He was so excited to see me, I mean us, that he has been purring for days.  Oliver is thrilled and they both tried to sleep on my head our first night back together.  They couldn't get close enough to me.

LOW: We've moved to another city where we don't know anyone.  4th time so it's not really a new process for us, but it is exhausting (although totally worth it) to work on making new friends.  We have a list of churches to try out and are hoping to find a great fit for our family.  I'm hopeful that finding a new church will lead to us making new friends fairly quickly.

HIGH: I'm loving our single floor house.  Everything is so handy, I don't have to guard Olive from the stairs and I feel like it's easier to keep up with things with us being all on one level.  Something to keep in mind when we start house shopping.

LOW: Our new place has lever door knobs.  They look pretty, but Olive can open and close every single door.  She shuts herself in rooms or closets, coaxes the cats into closets and gets into all kinds of mischief.  We are investigating childproofing options for lever door knobs.

HIGH: I'm on the hunt for some new bedding.  We had to switch up the rooms we put our rugs in and I'm hoping to find some pretty new bedding.  It's been several years since we've updated our master so the change is welcomed.

LOW: We are all taking some time to adjust to being on Eastern time.  It doesn't get dark until 9:30pm so our usual bedtime routine of starting at 7:30pm had to be adjusted.  Thankfully, Olive has been sleeping in to make up for the later bedtime.

HIGH: We pulled in the driveway the other night and Olive shouted HOME!  She hasn't done this since we left our home in Mississippi so it was a sweet moment of her realizing that we were settling into life in a new home.

LOW LOW LOW: My new city DOES NOT have a Target.  How is that even possible for a college town!?!?  I certainly did not realize this fact when I agreed to move here.  I've already researched the nearest Target and am very familiar with their website.  How do you start a campaign to get a Target in your area?  I'm kidding... sort of.

Well that's a pretty good summary of life at my house these days.
Any HIGHS and LOWS to share with me??



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  2. I would love for you to write a post regarding moving tips as I am moving soon and need all the help I can get. I really don't know where to start. The trash bin story sucks but it reminds me of something I would do. I am glad you are back and enjoy your new town despite it not having a Target ha!

  3. They used to have a Target!!!! I'm not sure why they don't anymore.....but I love their TJ Maxx! I keep meaning to ask my sister what the hot spots are....she's moving back on the 14th... some good radio stations are: Country 99.9, 102.7 Pop 100.7, tv channel 10, that's all I can think of for now!

  4. NO TARGET??? Where are you going to go for calming peace of mind and to spend $100 on you don't even know what? You'll have to figure out the lever door knobs. I always say its so nice that we don't have them or Olivia wouldn't be containable. Sorry about the trash in the moving van! Yuck.


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