Friday, July 24, 2015


11 years ago I married this handsome guy on 7.24.04

Favorite part of our wedding:
HIS: Seeing you walk down the aisle
HERS: Our wedding sermon and our wedding cake

Wish we could change this about our wedding:
HIS: Including a few more friends in the wedding
HERS: I wish I would have done a better job of visiting with everyone that came

Best memory from our wedding day:
HIS: Riding from the church to the reception in a Rolls Royce
HERS: Walking out of the church to a sea of rose petals being showered on us

Random Facts:
*My wedding dress cost $99
*I requested a mixture of hot pink, light pink and white flowers in my bouquet.  The florist said brides weren't supposed to have bright flowers in their bouquets so he left out the hot pink flowers.  My how things have changed in eleven years.
*Kevin wanted gray tuxes and my mom said no.  haha... She said he'd thank her for that one day, but he's still pretty amendment that gray would have been better.
*We took the majority of our professional wedding pictures BEFORE the wedding.  Best decision ever!!


  1. Happy Anniversary!! What a fun celebratory post! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Love this post and your very elegant wedding dress! :) I had a conversation just yesterday with a wedding designer about how much weddings have changed in the past 10 years - mostly due to Pinterest. I wanted to have red nails for my winter wedding, but I was told brides should have a French manicure. Ha!

  3. You guys are TOO CUTE......11 years later and you're still talking about what you would and wouldn't change!

  4. Happy Anniversary! 11 years is amazing!!!

  5. Such sweet memories. I hope you guys had a great anniversary!

  6. Happy anniversary! This is so cute!! I can't believe your dress was $99 - it was beautiful. Makes me wonder why on earth I spent so much on mine.


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