Thursday, July 9, 2015


Happy Birthday Kev!!
(high school golfer + his #1 fan)

You're my favorite.
You are far more patient than I am.
You are the FUN one in our family.
You taught me everything I know about sports.
You are kind and compassionate.
You are a grill master and have become quite the Mr. Fix it.
Our ever ready road trip captain.
You are the best deal hunter around.
You solve problems and are a great listener.
You have all of my favorites memorized
and you are such a sweet dad.

We're so proud of you.
We LOVE you!!


  1. Happy Birthday to Kevin! Cute pic; you little love birds lol :)

  2. So sweet! I hope he has a wonderful Birthday!

  3. So sweet... Love the picture......Love Gram

  4. Oh my gosh - you in highschool. You were such a baby! :) Happy Birthday Kevin!


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