Monday, July 6, 2015

Our Fourth of July

We had a quiet 4th of July weekend at our house.
We squeeze in some fun in the midst of packing up everything we own.

We grilled, played in the backyard, went for walks
and had a great time together.

Our weekend in pictures:
We wore red, white & blue all weekend.
Worked at home and ran several errands.

We got donuts from our favorite - Daylight Donuts - one last time.
The long johns are kind of a delicacy.  They happen to be my husband's favorite so Olive and I headed over bright and early in our pjs to make sure he got his faves. #thatslove

We took a few 4th of July pictures in our backyard on the morning of the 4th.
It rained for a good portion of the day so I was glad we snapped pics early.

Toddler firework experience:
We heard fireworks in our neighborhood, 
but this sweet girl was in bed long before any fireworks shows.

Southern hospitality is alive and well.
A kind neighbor knew we were doing a lot of packing this weekend so she dropped off a little 4th of July treat for us.  She didn't stay or want to interrupt our work.  She just wanted to give us a treat when we were ready for a break.  I'm going to miss the kind people of Mississippi!!

We try to go for walks most evenings and usually last 60-90 minutes.  We recently discovered a snow cone stand along our usual route so we've been stopping at it.  This weekend we ordered raspberry-lemonade-blueberry for a patriotic combo.  It was SO good!  We all shared this giant snow cone and hope we can squeeze in one more trip to the stand before we move.  Olive wanted to hold it, wanted all the spoons, but declared it too cold to eat.  Toddlers are funny little people.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!
Tell me about some fun food you ate or a fun celebration you went to.


  1. That snow cone looks so good! So kind of your neighbour to bring you such a treat! Nice to know there are still people like that out there.

  2. Sounds like a great fourth. You guys really made the most of every non-raining moment!

  3. First of all....blogger of the year award for getting your posts done while packing up your house! :) Those donuts look soooo good. We just ran errands on the 4th, had CFA for lunch, and worked around the house. I made hot dogs with potato salad, deviled eggs and corn on the cob (so much yellow on that plate) and we watched the fireworks on NBC. Very exciting. ;)

  4. That was so sweet of your neighbor to bring over a treat for y'all. That is one massive snow cone! Toddlers really are funny little things. Jack took all the plastic forks from the table on the 4th and put them on the other side of my bed. Weirdo! Good luck with all the packing!

  5. I love her sweet little striped dress! And that snow cone looks delicious! I'm glad you guys got some more pictures in that beautiful backyard before moving!


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