Friday, July 3, 2015


We've had a busy week at our house with meetings, errands and my husband wrapping up his last week of work in Mississippi.  We have big plans to start packing and get a ton done this weekend.  My parents are coming to help us for a few days so I'm excited to see them :)  We are also going to try to squeeze in a bit of 4th of July fun despite being in the middle of a move.  Here's to some grilling out, red white&blue and fireworks.

1. The VERY BEST news of the week, no month, is our house SOLD!!
We put it on the market and 19 days later had an offer :)  We closed on Wednesday and have one week to turn the keys over to the new owner.  It's a busy/exciting/crazy time at our house.  Want to come and help me pack??

2.  We try to go for walks most evenings and it just so happens that we have a snow cone stand in our neighborhood.  We stopped in this week for a mid-walk snow cone and crossed something fun off our of summer bucket list.  Kevin and I enjoyed our blue raspberry/black cherry combo and Olive enjoyed playing with the spoons.  She'd take a bite or two and say COLD!

3. I won this adorable weekender bag this week!!  I'm so excited for it to arrive from CoraLee.  
I went with a navy circle monogram on mine.  Thanks April for hosting such a fun giveaway!!
Mint Ikat Weekender Bag

4. I shared a recipe for Triple Berry Scones yesterday and they'd be the perfect treat for the July 4th weekend.  They were easy to make and totally changed my mind about scones.  I never knew they could be so good!!  My whole family loved them.

5. We had a really successful garage sale last weekend.  It was exhausting, but we enjoyed doing it.  The whole clean out every corner of your house, sell what you can and donate the rest was really freeing.  It was nice to clean things out and know we are going to have many less boxes to pack.  The Salvation Army is coming sometime today to pick up everything that didn't sell.

Hope you have a great weekend :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. 


  1. Yay for selling your home! I know that's always such a stressor, but 19 days is awesome!

  2. So exciting that you were able to sell your home so quickly! Hope all the packing goes well over the next week!!! Happy 4th:)

  3. Sounds like you'll need a vacation after the summer is over! :) I'm so happy that your house sold so quickly, and it's great that you'll have some packing help from your family. Moving is hard work (as I'm sure you are well aware!). Congrats on winning that darling bag - turquoise and navy are such a classic combo. Happy 4th!

  4. Congratulations on selling your home! Happy 4th!

  5. HOORAY!! So happy for you that your house sold!! :) That's such exciting news! Evening walks as a family are one of our favorite things too...add a snow cone and it sounds just about perfect! ;) Congrats on winning the bag!! Yay! Have a Happy 4th, Whitney! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  6. We're just on the other side of a move (second week in our new home) so I understand the combination of stress & excitement! :) So happy for you guys & glad you're taking time out for a few fun things like yummy snow cones! Happy 4th of July!

  7. Yay for selling the house!!! Y'all really do have a busy week ahead. It's really nice that y'all have a snow cone place so close by. I love a strawberry cheesecake with cream! Jack always makes a big mess with snow cones but I've gotten over the clean up process because we do it so much with Jack. He makes a mess with everything!

  8. So exciting that your house sold so quickly! I love walks around the neighborhood, and the snow cone sounds like a great summer treat!

  9. Congrats on selling the house, I'm so glad everything went smoothly! And yay for winning that weekender bag! As always, your recipes look amazing!

  10. Those scones! I'm going to the next post to pin the recipe. They look so good. Again, so glad your house sold so quickly. What a relief!


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