Monday, July 6, 2015


I mentioned last week that our house SOLD!!
We are still so excited about the news.
We closed last week and it's all official.
We are really thankful for a quick sale because we were on a quick timeline.

I wanted to document the details so I'd always remember them.

May 13th, 2015: Kevin accepted his new position at ISU

May 14th: We met with a realtor and agreed to list the house with him

May 15-17th: We worked like crazy to get our house staged and ready to be photographed

May 18th: Our house was officially listed

May 21st: We moved the cats to Indiana to stay with my parents.

May 28th: We sold Kevin's car so we'd have one less thing to move.

May 29th: - Olive's 2nd birthday - We carpooled with Kevin and took him to work.  We got home and saw a strange truck in our driveway.  We pulled up to the house and they backed out.  Kevin got out to talk to them despite my hesitancy.  They were looking at the house and were just driving by.  I parked in the driveway and I see them parking.  Kevin offered to give them a quick house tour since our realtor wasn't available to show the house.  I panicked for a moment.  It was Olive's birthday and I hadn't left the house in show ready conditions.  Kevin assured them it was fine and told me to calm down :)

I rushed in to turn on lights and tidy up a bit.  Kevin made small talk in the front yard.  He took Olive while I showed the Mom and college aged son the house.  They asked questions, were very friendly and seemed really interested.  They were very complimentary and both seemed to genuinely like the house.  We went out to the backyard and they were in love.  The mom said, "We are going to buy your house!!"  She wanted her husband to drive up to see the house so she said she'd plan a second visit.  I was hopeful, but didn't really know if this would lead to an offer.  The showing went really well and we hoped to hear back from them.  I'm really glad that Kevin did the right thing to approach them and offer to show them the house on the spot.

June 3rd: The same family scheduled a second showing with our realtor.  They wanted to see our house and a few others in the area.  This time the husband and the son came to tour the homes.  I baked chocolate chip cookies, had the house looking great and was ready for a good showing.  We left the house at 3:00 and didn't get a call from our realtor to come home until 5:30!  Our realtor said our house showed the best and was the clear front runner.  He'd keep us posted.

June 5th: We were getting a little discouraged when we didn't hear back from our realtor on the 4th, but tried not to worry.  Then we woke up to an early morning email from our realtor on the 5th that said he was finalizing the paperwork for an offer on our house!!  We got an offer later on that afternoon - 19 days after we listed it.  Our prayers had been answered.

June 7th: We negotiated back and forth and accepted an offer that night.

June 8th: Our week was filled with tons of inspections, appraisals, repairs, etc.

June 16th: Home inspection came back great and everything else was taken care of last week.

July 1st: CLOSING!  We had an early morning closing and took Olive along with us.  She did great and the whole process was fast.  It was a little bittersweet sitting in the same law office to sign away our house to new owners.  The last few months have been a whirlwind and it all felt very real all of the sudden.  We've loved our home and loved Mississippi so we both just felt a little nostalgic.  Plus, I think there's always a bit of sadness when you're leaving a home you love.

July 7/8th - The new owners were eager to close on the first, but agreed to let us live in the house for one more week.  We were eager to have everything official so it worked out for us.  

We feel very blessed when we look back over the events of the last few months.  I would have never dreamed we'd be selling our house this summer and here were are with the sale final.  The realty market in Jackson is tricky so we weren't sure what to expect.  Thankfully the new owners were attracted to the very same things that we were about the house - location, size, the yard and the custom details of the home.  We didn't want to rent out our home and tried really hard not to worry about the selling timeline.  Summer is prime time to sell a house so we were fortunate to be working with a summer timeline.  We are so thankful for a great realty company and happy with the whole process.

We are renting a condo in Indiana and look forward to house shopping once we get to know the schools and area better this year.  It'll be our first time to look into schools when we are considering places to live.  I can hardly believe it'll be time for Olive to go to school in just a few years!!


  1. I'm so glad everything went well when selling your house. It seems like it was a whirlwind! Safe travels coming back to Indiana! I'll have to ask my sister what the hot spots are in the Haute! :)

  2. Wow thats a crazy fast turn around! So awesome!

    Taylor @ The Southerndoe

  3. I can imagine how I'd feel if we left this house - even for a new home in a place I loved, it would still be sad to leave a place where we created memories! Like the words of Amazing Grace say, "His grace has brought you safe thus far, and grace will lead you HOME!" Let's pretend the writer meant your new home in Indiana. :)

  4. So glad everything went so well! I miss my old house too. At least you'll have a new one in your future. Have a safe, productive move!

  5. I know this time is very stressful for y'all and I know living in a conda for a little while won't be super easy. However, house hunting will be super fun. I can't wait to see the new place y'all find. Good luck with it all!

  6. What a whirlwind. I knew your fantastic home would sell really fast. Congratulations again!

  7. Such a crazy week! But so wonderful that your home sold so fast. Can't wait to see more pictures of the new place!


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