Friday, July 10, 2015


We are in full blown MOVING mode at my house.

We left Mississippi on Tuesday,
had a brief layover at our parent's house
and are moving into our new house TODAY!!
We are likely buried in a sea of boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap 
all while trying to keep a toddler entertained and happy.
 Olive hasn't appreciated us boxing up her toys
so we will be unpacking our necessities followed by her favorite things.

Life will be crazy for the next few weeks so I'm taking a little bloggy break.
I'll be back on July 27th ready to blog again :)

Hopefully my house will be unpacked, settled and we will be back in our normal routines by then.  We plan to visit family, find our way around our new town and get organized.  I'm looking forward to moving Kevin into his new office and decorating it.  We will be reunited with our cats and settling into our new life in Indiana.

I will be keeping things up to date on instagram
so come and follow me @polkadottyplace

Leave me your insta name so I can follow you too.
Hope you have a great weekend!!


  1. Best wishes during this tedious time!!! xo Amanda

  2. Good luck with settling into your new place! I'll be following along on Instagram!

  3. Safe travels! I finally got instagram! LOL My name is @kel_sprinkle. I'm taking a shopping trip tomorrow...too bad you aren't in E-ville!

  4. Excited for you, girl! You have the best attitude!

  5. I am an Indiana girl, and teacher! I enjoy reading your blog! Good luck with the unpacking!

  6. I'll miss your posts - but I can't wait to see your new home once you're settled! Until then I'll see you on the Insta! :)

  7. Hope all is going smoothly!!! Can't wait to see how things are looking once you're all settled and cozy.

    I just LOVE that pic of Olive looking through the bus. Your description and THEN pic is just pure comedic gold. She is just so funny. HUGS for moving and unpacking strength :)

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  8. Hope the move went well and unpacking is going smoothly!! Thinking of you all! Can't wait to hear how you're loving the new place :)

  9. Can't wait to see more of the new place. So crazy - but once you get settled, life will slow down again. Glad you unpacked that baby ;)

  10. It will all be water under the bridge in no time. Hang in there. Moving can be stressful.


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