Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Graduate Cupcakes

We had a graduation party with Kevin's fellow interns in Arkansas before everyone went their separate ways.  Another wife and I planned the event for their last day of work and worked out all the details.  Everyone brought a side and drinks to share.  We got BBQ at a local restaurant and made cupcakes for everyone.

I did the invitations at Sam's because I couldn't beat their prices.  I talked my husband into getting a group picture of everyone so I could put it on the invitation and they all seemed to love having a group picture taken.

We made my old stand by of funfetti cupcakes with homemade buttercream.

 Anna and I had several craft dates to make the cupcake toppers.
 We had lots of pictures of everyone printed as 4x6s then cut the people out.
We took red printer paper, red and white twine and glue sticks to make graduation caps for each person.  I cut out the top square first, attached it to a hat like base and then Anna tied a tassle for each.  She threaded them through a needle and poked them into the hat.  We taped the underside so the tassle would stay.  We attached plastic toothpicks to the back of each picture with washi tape and then poked them down into the cupcakes.  It was a little time consuming but they were well worth it.

Everyone loved them and thought they were pretty funny.


  1. yum those graduation cupcakes look delish!! i love the little photos with the graduation caps, such a fun touch

  2. such a cute idea! i've never seen that before


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